Debbie Harry and David Bowie

  Brace Yourself  CD  USA  5702  Shanachie Records  Otis Blackwell Tribute  Contains "Don't Be Cruel"Brace Yourself

  Don't Be Cruel / Return To Sender by Dave Edmunds  CD  Germany  341-582-PRO-1  PromoDon't Be Cruel

  Caged / Uncaged  12"  Italy  GET-5301  Get Back Records  John Cage Tribute  Contains "In Just Spring"  Gatefold CoverCaged Uncaged

   Caged / Uncaged  CD  Italy  CRSCD-097  John Cage Tribute  Contains "In Just Spring"
  David Bowie Songbook  CD  England  VSOP-D-236  David Bowie Tribute  Contains "Heroes"David Bowie Songbook
  We Will Fall  CD  USA  RTY-106  Royalty Records  Iggy Pop Tribute  Contains "Ordinary Bummer"
  We Will Fall  CD  USA  RTY-106  Royalty Records  Iggy Pop Tribute  Promo  Contains "Ordinary Bummer"
We Will Fall
  We Will Fall  CD  England  REVXD-221  Revolver Records  2 CD Set  Iggy Pop Tribute  Contains "Ordinary Bummer"  22 tracksWe Will Fall~ England 2 CD

  We Will Fall~ Ordinary Bummer / I Wanna Be Your Dog (Joan Jett) / Loose (Pansy Division)  7"  USAOrdinary Bummer

  * A special thanks to Jeff Hamamoto from California, for providing the scanned image of the "Ordinary Bummer" USA 7" Single *

Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop


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