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Debbie Harry

  Blondie Tribute  CD  England  Contains 17 Blondie tracks performed by "Studio 99"Blondie Tribute
  Blondie Tribute  CD  Germany  Wolverine Records  performed by "Germ Attack"Germ Attack
  Fond Of Blonde~ A Very Special Tribute To Blondie  CD  England  KLONE-69  Klone UK Records  performed by "Klone UK"  19 tracksFond Of Blonde

  How Many Bands Does It Take To Screw Up A Blondie Tribute  CD  USA  SFTRI-599  Sympathy Records  Contains 25 Blondie tracks performed by various artistsHow Many Bands

  Parallel Lives~ Blondie Tribute  CD  England  Contains 19 Blondie tracks performed by various artistsParallel Lives

  Platinum Girl: A Tribute To Blondie  CD  USA  CLP-0784-2  Cleopatra Records  Contains 14 Blondie tracks performed by various artistsPlatinum Girl
  Proud To Be Blonde~ Blondie Tribute  CD  Switzerland  41289  V & V Productions  Contains 10 Blondie tracks performed by various artistsProud To Be Blonde
  Salute To Blondie by the LA Sounds  12"  England  CHVL-164  Chevron Records  Contains 10 Blondie tracksSalute To Blondie
  Touched By Her Presence~ Blondie Tribute  CD  England  DOP-154  Dressed To Kill Records  2 CD Set  Contains 19 Blondie tracks performed by various artistsTouched By Her Presence
  Union City~ Blondie Tribute  CD  England  APWCD-1009  MusicBank Records  17 tracksUnion City

   Fresh Records: The Punk Singles Collection~ Tribute  CD  England  CD-PUNK32  Anagram Records  Punk Tribute Album  Contains the song "Debbie Harry" performed by "Family Fodder"
  Debbie Harry  7"  England  FRESH15  Fresh Records  Deborah Harry tribute single performed by "Family Fodder"
  Debbie Harry  7"  France  FRESH15  Fresh Records  Deborah Harry tribute single performed by "Family Fodder"
Debbie Harry
  Atomic (Rapino Brothers Mix) / Atomic (Instrumental)  12"  England  DOLE-33  Promo  performed by "Sleeper"Atomic~ Rapino Brothers Mix
  Atomic (Wubble Mix) / Atomic (Wubble-U Instrumental)  12"  England  DOLE-34  Promo  performed by "Sleeper"Atomic~ Wubble Mixes
  Ruby Trax~ The NME's (New Musical Express) Roaring Forty  CD  England  Contains "Atomic" performed by The Mission UK  40 tracksRuby Trax

   Chipmunk Punk  12"  USA  XLP-6008  Excelsior Records  Contains "Call Me"
   Chipmunk Punk~ Call Me  12"  USA  XEP-2000  Excelsior Records  Promo
  Chipmunk Punk: Call Me / Refugee  7"  USA  615-1062Chipmunk Punk

  Cowboy  CD  Japan  TOCP-50159  EMI Records  Contains "Rapture" performed by "Erasure"  (1997)Cowboy
  Denis / Er Ist Der Boy Fur Mich (He Is The Boy For Me)  7"  Germany  6003-679  Phillips Records  Contain's "Denis" performed by Rudolf Rock & Die Shocker & Ingeborg ThomsenDenis
  Framed In Blood: The Very Blessed Of 69 Eyes  12"  USA  Cleopatra Records  Picture Disk  Contains "Call Me" performed by "69 Eyes"  10 tracks69 Eyes
  Heart Of Glass (Auchterhouse Mix) / Heart Of Glass (Auchterhouse Instrumental) / Her Only Wish  12"  YZ310T  WEA Records  performed by "The Associates"  Picture Sleeve  (1988)
  Heart Of Glass / Her Only Wish / Breakfast / Those First Impressions  3" CD  Germany  247-661-2  WEA Records  performed by "The Associates"  (1988)
The Associates

  Heart Of Glass~ 3 Versions / What Did You Do With My Love?  CD  Germany  ZYX-7206-8  ZYX Music  performed by "Double You"Heart Of Glass
  Rocket Boy / Heartbreak Soup / Speedball / Heart Of Glass  7"  England  LKND-006  Lakeland Records  performed by "Daisy Hill Puppy Farm"Daisy Hill Puppy Farm
  Heart Of Glass / Every Waking Hour  12"  England  MARE-67  performed by "Desiderata"  (1988)Desiderata

   Heart Of Glass 2003 (R & M Remix)  12"  USA  EE-09684152  Time Records  Promo  performed by "R & M"  Plain White Die-Cut Title Sleeve  (2003)
  Heart Of Glass (Francesco Rossi & M Extended Mix-5:00) / Heart Of Glass (R & Gianluca Motta Club Mix-5:36) / Heart Of Glass (Re-Set Mix-5:44) / Bass Area (Bass Area Mix-6:40)  12"  Italy  TIME-357  Time Records  performed by "R & M"  (2003)R & M
  Heart Of Glass (San Lis Breaking Glass Mix-7:52) / Heart Of Glass (M Boys Mix-7:01) / Heart Of Glass (Steve Croft vs. Toma Hawk Mix-6:48)  12"  Germany  GJ-007  Promo  performed by "Two Blondes"  Die Cut Sleeve  (2004)Two Blondes
  In My Arms / Heart Of Glass (Live)  CD  USA  17371-2  Maverick / Mule Records  performed by "Erasure"  cardboard jewel caseErasure
  In The Flesh / Early Morning  7"  England  005/854980-7  Trade 2 Records  performed by "Luna"  (1997)Luna

   Mini-Pops  12"  USA  NU-5580  K-Tel Records  Contains "Blondie Medley" ("Call Me", "Sunday Girl" & "Denis")
  Mini-Pops  Cassette  USA  K-Tel Records  Contains "Blondie Medley" ("Call Me", "Sunday Girl" & Denis")MiniPops

   Mystery Machine  CD  USA  Contains "Heart Of Glass" performed by "10 Speed"
  No Authority / Don't Turn Away / One Way Or Another  7"  USA  DSR-12  Dr. Strange Records  Blue Vinyl  performed by "Face To Face"  Picture SleeveNo Authority

   Nukleopatra  CD  Australia  484354  Columbia Records  Contains "Picture This" performed by "Dead Or Alive"
  Planete Zen  12"  France  31028  Single KO Records  Contains "Denis"  13 tracksPlanete Zen
  Rain / X-Offender  7"  USA  NKVD Records  performed by "Feeding Frenzy"Feeding Frenzy

   Radiohead: Les Enfants Terrible~ The Real Ultra Rare Tracks Vol. 1  CD  England  OKCD-2000  Contains "Union City Blue"  16 tracks
   Rugrats: The Movie Soundtrack  CD  Australia  INTDE-90181  Interscope Records  Contains "One Way Or Another" performed by "Cheryl Chase"
  Sabrina: The Teenage Witch  CD  USA  TV Show Soundtrack by actress Melissa Joan Hart  Promo  Contains "One Way Or Another"  16 tracksSabrina Teenage Witch

  Sex Offender / The Last Time I Listened To You  7"  USA  VMS-6  Vital Music Records  Clear Vinyl  performed by "The Mr T Experience"  Samples Deborah Harry's spoken intro as found on "X-Offender"Sex Offender

   Street Wave  12"  Australia  KLR-002  Lotus Records  Contains "Atomic" performed by "Street Wave"
   Sunday Girl  7"  Spain  performed by "Los Romeos"
   The Tide is High  CD  USA  Contains 4 versions of "The Tide Is High" performed by "Angelina"
   The Tide Is High (Lasgo Remix) / Whole Again (MASH Mastermix)  12"  England  SINTXD38  Innocent Records  Promo  performed by "Atomic Kitten"
  The Tide Is High  CD  England  SINDX38  Innocent Records  Contains 3 versions of "The Tide Is High" performed by "Atomic Kitten"Atomic Kitten

   Trainspotting Soundtrack  CD  USA  EMI Records  Contains "Atomic" performed by "Sleeper"
   Trainspotting Soundtrack  CD  Australia  8371902  EMI / Premier Records  Contains "Atomic" performed by "Sleeper"
  Union City Blue / Atomic  7"  England  FRIGHT-060  Fierce Recordings  performed by "Ride" with vocals by Alex of "Motorcycle Boy"Sleeve Front
Sleeve Front
Sleeve Back
Sleeve Back

   Union City Blue / Atomic  Cassette  England  performed by Alex of "Motorcycle Boy"
   Until December 12" USA Contains 2 versions of "Call Me" 4 tracks
   Voice Of The Beehive / I Say Nothing 12" England LONF190 Contains "In The Flesh"
  West End Girls  CD  USA  75021-5336-2  A&M Records  Contains "Dreaming"  performed by "West End Girls"  12 tracksWest End Girls

  When A Child Is Born  12"  Thailand  EMGS-7013  EMI Records  Contains "In The Flesh"  performed by "Wee Gee"Wee Gee

  When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear  CD  USA  Xemu Records  Contains "Call Me" performed by "The Box Tops"  12 tracksWhen Pigs Fly

   You Broke My Heart In 17 Places  Cassette  New Zealand  CSEEZ-51  Stiff Records  Contains "Touched...Presence Dear" performed by "Tracey Ullman"

Karaoke Disks


  Pocket Songs~ You Sing Blondie  Cassette  USA  PS-555  Contains "One Way Or Another", "The Tide Is High", "Rapture", "Heart Of Glass" & "Call Me"Pocket Songs

   70's / 80's Dance~ Essential Karaoke Vol. 16  CD  USA  EKX-16  Karaoke Disk  Contains "The Tide Is High"  16 tracks
   The 70's Disc: Legends Bassline Vol. 6  CD  USA  Karaoke Disk  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   American Top 40 Karaoke  CD  USA  THM-113  Karaoke Disk  Contains "Maria"  13 tracks
  Legends: Vol. 84~ Blondie / Deborah Harry Karaoke CD  CD  USA  LEG-84  Karaoke Disk  Contains "Atomic", "Call Me", "Denis", "French Kissin'", "Hanging On The Telephone", "Heart Of Glass", "I Want That Man", "Touched...Presence Dear", "Island Of Lost Souls", "Maria", "Nothing Is Real But The Girl", "One Way Or Another", "Picture This", "Rapture", "Sunday Girl", "The Tide Is High" & "Union City Blue"Legends 84
  Sunfly Vol. 132  CD  USA  SF-132  Karaoke Disk  Contains "Maria"  16 tracksSunfly 132

   Sweet Georgia Brown Karaoke CD  CD  USA  SGB-0018  Karaoke Disk  Contains "Maria"  16 tracks
   Sweet Georgia Brown Karaoke CD: Female Super Stars  CD  USA  SGB-0032  Karaoke Disk  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  16 tracks
   Sweet Georgia Brown Karaoke CD: Super Pop Hits  CD  USA  SGB-0039  Karaoke Disk  Contains "Call Me"  16 tracks
   Sweet Georgia Brown Karaoke CD: Female Super Hits  CD  USA  SGB-0058  Karaoke Disk  Contains "The Tide Is High" & "One Way Or Another"  17 tracks
  Zoom~ Platinum Artist Series Vol. 23: Hits Of Blondie Vol. 1  CD  USA  CDZMP-023  Karaoke Disk  Contains "Heart Of Glass", "Call Me", "Union City Blue", "Atomic", "The Tide Is High", "Rapture", "Sunday Girl", "Denis", "Hanging On The Telephone", "Maria", "One Way Or Another" & "Blondie Medley"Zoom Platinum Series

Debbie Harry


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