Live~ Brazil DVD

Live Brazil DVD

898103-202277~ Eagle Vision


Track Listing

1.  Dreaming
2.  Hanging On The Telephone
3.  Screaming Skin
4.  Forgive And Forget
5.  Shayla / Union City Blue
6.  Sunday Girl
7.  Maria
8.  Call Me
9.  Boom Boom In The Zoom Zoom Room
10.  In The Flesh
11.  Rapture
12.  Rip Her To Shreds
13.  X-Offender
14.  Atomic
15.  One Way Or Another
16.  Heart Of Glass

Bonus Materials:

* 45 minutes of footage not seen on the VH-1 Special
* Photo Gallery
* Song Lyrics
* Video for "Nothing Is Real But The Girl"


Artwork Images

Back CoverBack Cover Artwork
DVDClose-up of the DVD

  * Thanks to Christina Maruhn from Germany, for providing the scanned images of this DVD *


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