Greatest Hits~ England DVD
{Alternate Issue}

Greatest Hits UK DVD
72434-77996-9-3~ Chrysalis


Track Listing

1.  In The Flesh
2.  X-Offender
3.  Denis
4.  Detroit 442
5.  Touched...Presence Dear
6.  Picture This
7.  Hanging On The Telephone
8.  Heart Of Glass
9.  Dreaming
10.  Union City Blue
11.  Atomic
12.  The Tide Is High
13.  Rapture

Bonus Tracks

14.  The Hardest Part
15.  Island Of Lost Souls
16.  Maria


Artwork Images

Back CoverBack Cover Artwork
LabelClose-up of the DVD

  * Thanks to Christina Maruhn from Germany, for providing the scanned images of this DVD *


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