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Deborah Harry

  Mashed  CD  England  EMI Records  Contains "Rapture Riders" (Single Edit)  14 tracksMashed
  Max 5  CD  Japan  Contains "Maria"  19 tracksMax 5

   Maximum 12 Inch Pop  CD  Holland  Contains "French Kissin'  10 tracks
  Maximum 70's  CD  Holland  BX-647662  4 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  40 tracksMaximum 70s

   Maximum 70's Vol. 2  CD  Holland  Contains "Heart Of Glass" (5:48)  10 tracks
  Maximum 80's  CD  Holland  4 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Atomic"  40 tracksMaximum 80s
  Mega Hits '99  CD  Japan  BVCP-21061  Contains "Maria"  16 tracksMega Hits 99

   Mega Hits: Dance Classics Vol. 2  CD  USA  P2-53729  Priority Records  Contains "Rapture"  9 tracks
  Mega Hits: Dance Classics Vol. 13  CD  USA  04992-53730-8  Priority Records  Contains "Call Me"  9 tracksMega Hits Dance Classics 13
  Mega Hits: Disco Heat Vol. 3  CD  USA  P2-50956  Priority Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Mega Hits

   Mega Hits: Disco Vol. 10  CD  USA  Priority Records  Contains "Rapture"  9 tracks
  Mellow Mix  CD  England  8-11526  Virgin Records  Contains "French Kissin'" (12" Mix)  12 tracksMellow Mix
  Mighty Real: Lifebeat Dance Classics Vol. 1  CD  USA  E2-33839  EMI Records  Contains "Rapture"Mighty Real
  Millennium Disco Party: The Divas  CD  USA  3R2-79776  Rhino Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  18 tracksMillennium Disco Party
  Mix-Up!  CD  Australia  74321-677-782-2  BMG Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Maria" (Soul Solution Mix)  30 tracksMix Up
  The Modern Edge: A Modern Rock Collection  CD  USA  6105-83096-0-2  Time Life Music  Contains "One Way Or Another"  (2003)  18 tracksModern Edge
  Modern Girls  CD  Canada  CDL-57432  CEMA Special Markets  Contains "The Tide Is High"Modern Girls

   Modern Rock  CD  USA  Time Life  2 CD Set  Contains "The Tide Is High"  24 tracks
  Modern Rock~ 1980-1981  CD  USA  R-828/02  Time Life  2 CD Set  Contains "Rapture"  24 tracksModern Rock 1980-1981
  Modern Rock~ Dance  CD  USA  Time Life  2 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"  24 tracksModern Rock
  Modern Rock~ The Cool 80's  CD  USA  Time Life  Contains "The Tide Is High"  12 tracksModern Rock
  Monster Hits  CD  Japan  WPCR-10601  Contains "Maria"  18 tracksMonster Hits
  More Greatest Hits Of The 80's Vol. 4  CD  Holland  Disky Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Island Of Lost Souls" & "Rapture"  35 tracksMore Greatest Hits Of The 80s Vol 4
  More Sun Splashin'  CD  USA  MDTV-2-6804  Madacy Entertainment  Contains "The Tide Is High"More Sun Splashin
  Move And Touch: North Wave 7th Anniversary  CD  Japan  BVCP-27008  Contains "Maria"  14 tracksMove And Touch

   Movie Hit List: Killer Tracks From The Flicks  CD  England  7243-523775-2-7  EMI Records  Contains "Call Me"  18 tracks  (2001)
  Movie Hits  CD  USA  OPCD-1853  Pure Gold Hits  Contains "Call Me"  12 tracksMovie Hits
  Movie Hits 20  CD  Japan  TOCP-67709  Contains "Call Me"  (2005)  20 tracksMovie Hits 20
  Movies Greatest Love Songs  CD  USA  Contains "Call Me"  20 tracksMovies Greatest Love Songs
  Music Box Vol. 3  CD  Spain  Vale Music  4 CD Set  Contains "The Tide Is High" & "Call Me"  60 tracksMusic Box Vol 3

   The Music For The Young Hollywood  CD  Japan  TOCP-65027  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
  Music Of The 20th Century: 1960-1979  CD  USA  7243-82079-2-2  Contains "Dreaming"  (2000)  20 tracksMusic Of The 20th Century
  Music Of The Millennium  CD  Japan  UICZ-1004  2 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"  39 tracksMusic Of The Millennium
  Music Of The Millennium: 1980-1989  CD  USA  KRB5400-2  EMI/Capitol Special Markets  Contains "Rapture  10 tracksMusic Of The Millennium 1980-1989

   Music Time Capsule  CD  Japan  TOCP-65098  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  19 tracks
  My Generation: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives Part 1  CD  Australia  EMI Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"  37 tracksMy Generation
  The Natural Home For Unique Artists  CD  England  Promo Chrysalis Sampler  Contains "Union City Blue"  9 tracksHome For Unique Artists
  New Hits 1999  CD  England  515152  2 CD Set  Contains "Maria"  42 tracksNew Hits 99
  New Wave 80's  CD  USA  6282-61186-9-2  2 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"  32 tracks  (2006)New Wave 80s

   New Wave 80's Vol. 3  CD  Canada  72438-19886-2-6  Platinum Disc Corporation  Contains "The Tide Is High"  10 tracks
  New Wave 80's Vol. 3  CD  USA  2 CD Set  Contains "The Tide Is High"  20 tracksNew Wave 80s
  New Wave Gold  CD  USA  60249-84729-8-9  Hip-O Records  2 CD Set  Contains "One Way Or Another"  30 tracksNew Wave Gold
  New Wave Hits  CD  USA  7302-06147-5-2  Contains "Call Me"  (2002)  10 tracksNew Wave Hits
  New York: A Mix Odyssey~ Armand Van Helden  CD  USA  1581  Tommy Boy Records  Contains "Call Me"  16 tracksNew York Mix Odyssey

   New York Collection 1980  CD  Belgium  NYC-1980  New York Company Records  Contains "Call Me"  20 tracks
   New York Collection 1981  CD  Belgium  NYC-1981  New York Company Records  Contains "Rapture"  20 tracks
  Nick At Nite Goes To Outer Space  CD  USA  BK-63437  Nick At Nite Records  Contains "Rapture"Nick At Nite

   A Night In Orbit  CD  USA  4 Play Records  Promo  Contains "Command & Obey"
  Night Of The Proms '97  CD  Holland  7243-823027-2  Live 11/5-7/97 at Antwerp, Belgium  Contains "Call Me" performed by Deborah Harry  14 tracksNight Of The Proms '97
  Night Of The Proms Vol. 4  CD  Holland  Live 11/5-7/96 at Antwerp, Belgium  Contains "Call Me" performed by Deborah HarryNight Of The Proms
  A Night To Remember: Mardi Gras Party  CD  Australia  PDJ-173D  Pro DJ Records  2 CD Set  Contains "I Want That Man" (Almighty Definitive Mix)  27 tracksA Night To Remember
  No. 1  CD  Japan  UICZ-1126  2 CD Set  Contains "The Tide Is High"  (2004)  38 tracksNo 1

   No. 1 80's Album  CD  England  Contains "Call Me"
  No. 1 Christmas Party Album  CD  England  MS4999L  Contains "Call Me"  20 tracksNo 1 Christmas Party Album
  No More Heroes: Hits From The Punk Era  CD  England  7243-5224102  EMI Records  Contains "Denis"  23 tracksNo More Heroes

   Non-Stop 70's Party  CD  England  735288
  No Spitting  CD  Holland  CB-904113  Disky Records  3 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Rip Her To Shreds", "Picture This" & "Hanging On The Telephone"  60 tracksNo Spitting
  No Talking Just Head  CD  USA  MCAD-11504  MCA Records  Contains "No Talking Just Head" & "Punk Lolita" with Deborah Harry lead vocalsNo Talking Just Head

   No Talking Just Head  CD  USA  MCAD-11504-1  MCA Records  Advance Promo  Contains "No Talking Just Head" & "Punk Lolita" with Deborah Harry lead vocals
   No Talking Just Head  CD  Australia  MCAD-11504  MCA Records  Contains "No Talking Just Head" & "Punk Lolita" with Deborah Harry vocals
  No Thanks! The 70's Punk Rebellion  CD  USA  R2-73926  Rhino Records  4 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Hanging On The Telephone" & "X-Offender"  100 tracksNo Thanks

  No Thanks! The 70's Punk Rebellion Sampler  CD  USA  PRCD-400094  Rhino Records  Promo  Contains "X-Offender"  25 tracksNo Thanks
  Now & Then  CD  Philippines  7243-597193-2-0  2 CD Set  Contains "The Tide Is High" by "Atomic Kitten (Now) & Blondie (Then)  30 tracksNow & Then

   Now Dance  CD  Japan  EMI Records  22 tracks
  Now Dance Summer '95  CD  England  CD-NOD-16  EMI Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass" (Diddy's Adorable Edit)  20 tracksNow Dance Summer 95

   Now That's What I Call Music~ 1981  CD  England  2 CD Set  Contains "The Tide Is High"  36 tracks
  Now TV 2  CD  Japan  TOCP-65034  Contains "Atomic"  18 tracksNow TV 2
  Number 1 Hits Of The 80's  CD  USA  09463-87524-2-4  EMI Records  Contains "Rapture"  10 tracksNumber 1 Hits Of The 80s
  The Number One's: Rock It Up  CD  USA  55582  Simitar Records  Contains "One Way Or Another"The Number Ones

Debbie Harry

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