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Debbie Harry & Chris Stein

  Geffen Vintage 80's Vol. 1  CD  USA  GEFD-24805  Geffen Records  Contains "French Kissin'"Geffen Vintage 80s Vol 1
  Geffen Vintage 80's Vol. 2  CD  USA  GEFD-25151  Geffen Records  Contains "In Love With Love"Geffen Vintage 80s Vol 2

   Generation 80's  CD  England  OCHCD-014  Union Square Music  Contains "Atomic"  19 tracks
  Get Down Tonight: The Disco Explosion  CD  USA  8266-63034-1-2  3 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Call Me"  (2004)Get Down Tonight
  Get Out  CD  USA  Promo  Issued by "Out" Gay Magazine in 1992  Contains "I Want That Man"  17 tracksGet Out
  Girlsmania  CD  Greece  7243-8-59998-2-6  Polygram / Minos-EMI / Virgin Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  18 tracksGirlsmania

   Girls Girls Girls: The Essential Female Collection  CD  England  7243-523780-2-9  Contains "French Kissin'"  (2001)  18 tracks
  Girls Girls Girls  CD  Holland  DC-886552  Disky Records  Contains "Denis" & "French Kissin'"  16 tracksGirls Girls Girls
  Going Underground  CD  EEC  CTVCD-123  Castle Communications  Contains "Picture This"Going Underground
  Going Underground  CD  England  CRIMIDCD-002  Crimson Records  Contains "Hanging On The Telephone"  22 tracks  (1997)Going Underground

   Gold  CD  Japan  TOCP-65478  Contains "Atomic"  16 tracks
  Good Time!  CD  Japan  TOCP-67420  Contains "The Tide Is High"  19 tracks  (2004)Good Time
  Good Times  CD  USA  OPCD-3523  Time Life  2 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"Good Times
  Grandmaster Flash: Essential Mix~ Classic Edition  CD  USA  8122-78232-2  Contains "Rapture"  (2002)  17 tracksGrandmaster Flash
  Grand Theft Auto Vice City: Greatest Hits  CD  USA  6969-98700-8-2  Epic Records  Contains "Atomic"  15 tracks  (2002)Grand Theft Auto
  Grand Theft Auto Vice City Vol. 2  CD  USA  6969-98700-5-2  Contains "Atomic"  (2002)  17 tracksGrand Theft Auto 2
  Greatest 70's  CD  Australia  8661672-0212  EMI Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Hanging On The Telephone"  36 tracksGreatest 70s
  Greatest 80's Pop: 18 Fantastic Hits  CD  England  7243-523773-2-9  EMI Records  Contains "Call Me"  18 tracks  (2001)Greatest 80s Pop
  The Greatest Hits Of 1979  CD  England  CDGH-1979  Music For Pleasure Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass" & Sunday Girl"  20 tracksGreatest Hits Of 1979
  The Greatest Hits Of 1980  CD  England  0777-7-99497-2-4  EMI Records  Contains "Call Me" & Dreaming"  20 tracksGreatest Hits Of 1980
  The Greatest Hits Of 1986  CD  England  0777-7-80459-2-2  EMI Records  Contains "French Kissin'"  20 tracksGreatest Hits Of 1986
  The Greatest Hits Of The 70's  CD  Canada  Platinum Disc Corporation  3 CD Set  Contains "One Way Or Another"Greatest Hits Of The 70's
  Greatest Hits Of The 70's Vol. 1  CD  Holland  DO-991602  Disky Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Denis"  36 tracksGreatest Hits Of The 70s Vol 1
  The Greatest Hits Of The 70's Vol. 9  CD  Canada  096009072124  Platinum Disc Corporation  Contains "One Way Or Another"  10 tracksThe Greatest Hits Of The 70s Vol 9
  Greatest Hits Of The 80's  CD  Holland  Disky Records  8 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Call Me", "Atomic" & "The Tide Is High"  144 tracksGreatest Hits Of The 80s
  Greatest Hits Of The 80's Vol. 6  CD  Holland  BX-852012  Disky Records  18 tracksGreatest Hits Of The 80s Vol 6
  The Greatest Hits Of The 80's: New Wave Hits Vol. 4  CD  Canada  S21-17899  Platinum Disc Corporation  Contains "Call Me"  10 tracksGreatest Hits Of The 80's

   Greatest Hits Of All Time Vol. 5~ Late 70's  CD  USA  CEMA Markets  2 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass" (4:33)  20 tracks
  Greatest Pop Icons  CD  England  CB-905519  3 CD Set  Contains "Sunday Girl" & "French Kissin'"  60 tracksGreatest Pop Icons
  Greetings From The East Coast  CD  USA 8429-63514-2  Contains "One Way Or Another"  11 tracks  (2005)Greetings From The East Coast
  The Groups Of Wrath: Songs Of The Naked City  CD  USA  TVT-3110-2  TVT Records  Contains "X-Offender" & "In The Sun"Groups Of Wrath
  Guitar Rock~ 1978-79  CD  USA  OPCD-2696/R968-02  Time Life  Contains "One Way Or Another"  17 tracksGuitar Rock
  Guitar Rock~ 1980-81  CD  USA  OPCD-2714/R968-04  Time Life  Contains "Call Me"  18 tracksGuitar Rock
  Hard Rock Cafe: New Wave  CD  USA  R2-72894  Rhino Records  Contains "Call Me"  Comes with a "Hard Rock" logo pinHard Rock Cafe New Wave
  Hard Up Heroes VII: East Coast Punks  CD  USA  TML-07  Timeless Records  Contains "X-Offender", "Little Girl Lies", "Look Good In Blue", "Man Overboard", "In The Flesh" (all live @ Beat Club, Germany 1978); Touched...Presence Dear" (live San Francisco 12/77); "Scenery" & "Rip Her To Shreds" (live Max's Kansas City 1977)  Also contains 2 Gary Valentine solo tracks: "Tomorrow Belongs To You" & "The First One"  29 tracksHard Up Heroes

   Heck On Wheels  CD  USA  PRO-CD-6457  Warner Brothers  Promo Sampler  Contains "Communion"
  Heineken Night Of The Proms '97  CD  Holland  8233602  EMI Records  Live 1997 Benefit  Contains "Call Me" performed by Deborah Harry  14 tracksHeineken Night Of The Proms
  Hello! CM Hits  CD  Japan  TOCP-70462  EMI Records  Contains "Call Me"  18 tracksHello CM Hits
  Het Beste Uit De Top 100 Edite '99  CD  Holland  564-433-2  Universal Music  2 CD Set  Contains "Maria"  38 tracksHet Beste Uit
  High Energy Disco  CD  England  Contains "In Love With Love" (PWL Remix-7:16)  11 tracksHigh Energy Disco
  High Energy Disco Vol. 2  CD  England  Contains "Heart Of Glass (Razormaid Mix-6:00)  12 tracksHigh Energy Disco Vol 2

   History Of Punk  CD  England  811332  2 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Rip Her To Shreds"  41 tracks
  Hitmakers Top 40 CD Sampler Vol. 9  CD  USA  WO-9345-2  LaserVideo Inc.  Promo  Contains "Liar Liar"Hitmakers 9
  Hitmakers Top 40 CD Sampler Vol. 35  CD  USA  112880  Disctronics Inc.  Promo  Contains "Sweet And Low"Hitmakers 35
  Hit Mix 96 Vol. 2  CD  USA  6227-2  K-Tel  Contains "Atomic" (Diddy's 12" Mix")  11 tracksHit Mix 96
  Hits Attack: March 1999 Sampler  CD  Taiwan  BMG Music  BMG Promo Sampler (March 1999)  Contains "Maria"  18 tracksHits Attack March 1999
  Hits Attack: June 1999 Sampler  CD  Taiwan  BMG Music  BMG Promo Sampler (June 1999)  Contains "Nothing Is Real But The Girl"  17 tracksHits Attack June 1999
  The Hits Collection  CD  England  MIRN01CD01  Trinity Mirror  Promo Give-Away with 5/10/2003 issue of UK Newspaper "The Mirror"  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  10 tracksHits Collection
  Hits From The Flicks  CD  Holland  Disky Records  3 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Call Me"  54 tracksHits From The Flicks
  Hits Of A Decade  CD  Holland  DC-881472  Disky Records  Picture Disk  Contains "Atomic"  16 tracksHits Of A Decade

   Hits Of The 80's: New Wave Fave  CD  USA  72435-34010-2-3  Old Navy Issue  Contains "Call Me"  12 tracks
  Hollywood's Hottest Hits Vol. 2 The Sequel  CD  USA  72438-19465-2-7  EMI / Capital Music  Contains "The Tide Is High"  10 tracksHollywoods Hottest Hits Vol 2
  Homeless Childrens' Medical Benefit Concert  CD  Luxembourg  YC-013/014  Yellow Cat Records  2 CD Set  Promo  Live at Madison Square Garden (12/13/1987)  Contains "Walk On The Wild Side" by Lou Reed with Debbie Harry on background vocals  23 tracks  (1993)Homeless Childrens Benefit Concert
  Hot Hits  CD  USA  5677-53678-7-2  Contains "The Tide Is High"  (2001)  16 tracksHot Hits

  I Guess We Didn't Save The LP  CD  USA  PRO2-90045  Rhino Records  3 CD Boxed Set  Promo  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  61 tracksSave The LP

  I Love N.Y. Punk!  CD  England  Promo Give-away with the November, 2005 issue of Mojo Magazine  Contains "Rip Her To Shreds"  15 tracksI Love NY Punk
  I Love Rock & Roll: Hits Of The 80's Vol. 4  CD  USA  P2-50953  Priority Records  Contains "The Hardest Part"  20 tracksI Love Rock N Roll
  I Love The 80's  CD  England  VTDCD-361  2 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"  42 tracksI Love The 80s
  Inna Reggae Style  CD  USA  106066  EMI Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  17 tracksInna Reggae Style
  Inside The Music: Women On Top  Audio DVD  USA  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Inside The Music~ Women On Top
  Instant Party~ Disco Boogie  CD  USA  8122-76734-2  Rhino Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  14 tracksInstant Party

   Instant Party~ Summer Sizzle  CD  USA  Rhino Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  14 tracks
   Into The 80's  CD  England  24324  2 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"
  In The Mix 2000  CD  England  VTDCD-240  Virgin Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Atomic '98" (Tall Paul Remix)  37 tracksIn The Mix 2000
  It Came From The 80's Part 2  CD  USA  7206-57910-2-2  Contains "One Way Or Another"  (2002)  14 tracksIt Came From The 80s
  I Want My 80's  CD  USA  731455675825  Hip-O Records  3 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Rapture"  42 tracksI Want My 80s
  I Want My New Wave  CD  USA  7930-189093-2-7  Razor & Tie Music  Contains "One Way Or Another"  18 tracks  (2005)I Want My New Wave

* A special thanks to Andy Prosser from England for providing detailed description and scanned image of the "Going Underground" CD *

Debbie Harry

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