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Debbie Harry

  Egoiste Platinum~ The Knockout Collection  CD  USA  422  Polygram Records for "Chanel"  Contains "Call Me"Egoiste Platinum
  Eighties Chart Toppers Vol. 3  CD  Australia  701689-2  Axis / EMI Records  Contains "Rapture" & French Kissin'"  16 tracks80s Chart Toppers
  Eighties Complete Vol. 1  CD  Australia  EMI Records  5 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"Eighties Complete

   Eighties Mix  CD  England  434322  2 CD Set  Contains "Call Me" (12" Mix)
  Electric Dreams  CD  England  525-435-2  Polygram Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Electric Dreams
  Electrock Playroom  CD  Japan  TOCP-64269  Contains "Rapture"  16 tracks  (2005)Electrock Playroom
  Elle-Rebelle  CD  Japan  RBCX-7219  Geneon Entertainment  Contains "Sunday Girl" (French Version)  20 tracksElle Rebelle
  EMI Hit Disc #108 Promo Sampler  CD  Taiwan  EMI Records  Promo Sampler  Contains "Atomic '98"  19 tracksEMI Sampler
  EMI Promo Sampler  CD  England  EMISAMP08  Promo Sampler  Contains "I Want That Man" (Almighty Definitive Mix Radio Edit)  17 tracks (1999)EMI Sampler
  EMI Promo Sampler  CD  England  EMISAMP09  Promo Sampler  Contains "I Want That Man" (Almighty Definitive Mix Radio Edit)  17 tracksEMI Sampler
  Entertainment Vol. 2: Rock Archives  CD  Canada  CD2L-57373  CEMA Special Markets  Contains "Rapture"Entertainment Rock Archives
  Entertainment Weekly~ The Greatest Hits 1979  CD  USA  74465-99738-2-6  Buddha Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  12 tracksEntertainment Weekly 1979
  Entertainment Weekly~ The Greatest Hits 1980  CD  USA  74465-99636-2  Buddha Records  Contains "Call Me"  12 tracksGreatest Hits 1980
  Entertainment Weekly~ The Greatest Hits (1980-1984)  CD  USA  74465-99822-2-4  Buddha Records  5 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Call Me"  60 tracksEntertainment Weekly 1980-1984

   Entertainment Weekly~ Pure Party  CD  USA  2 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  24 tracks
  Essential 80's  CD  Holland  EH-885002  Disky Records  3 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Atomic", "Call Me" & "The Tide Is High"Essential 80's
  The Essential Limited Edition Sampler  CD  USA  DPRO-70876  EMI Records  Promo Sampler  Contains "Dreaming" & "Hanging On The Telephone"Essential Sampler
  Essential Rock  CD  USA  6282-61125-92  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  16 tracks  (2005)Essential Rock
  Explosive Hits Of The 70's  CD  Australia  EMI Records  5 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Explosive Hits
  Ezkucha Presenta  CD  Mexico  PRCD-98969  Sony Music  Promo  Enhanced CD containing 3 video & 8 audio tracks  Contains "Good Boys" (audio)Ezkucha Presenta
  Fantastic 70's  CD  USA  2 CD Set  38 tracksFantastic 70's
  Fantastic 80's~ Go For It!  CD  USA  630922  2 CD Set  Contains "Rapture"  37 tracksFantastic 80s

   Fat Dance Hits  CD  England  RADCD-125  Global Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Maria" (Soul Solution Radio Edit)  40 tracks
  Feelin' Good  CD  England  2 CD Set  Promo  Contains "Dreaming"  30 tracksFeelin Good

   Feelings Of Love Loving You  CD  USA  181265  Contains "Dreaming"  16 tracks
  Feel The Beat  CD  USA  K.B Toys Issue  Contains "One Way Or Another"  12 tracksFeel The Beat
  Film / TV Licensing Compilation  CD  England  Eleven Seven Music  Promo  Acetate CD-R  Contains "Charm Alarm" & "Dirty And Deep"  (July, 2006)  20 tracksFilm / TV Licensing Compilation
  Fit Hits  CD  Australia  2006 Promo Give-away with "The Sun Herald" newspaper  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Fit Hits CD

   FM Osaka Hit Pops 100  CD  Japan  TOCP-65492  Contains "Call Me"  20 tracks
  Follow Our Trax Vol. 3~ Off The Beaten Tracks  CD  USA  PRO-CD-3831  Promo  Contains "Kiss It Better"  16 tracksFollow Our Trax 3

   Follow Our Trax Vol. 4  CD  USA  Promo  Contains "Sweet And Low"
  Follow Our Trax Vol. 9~ Bigger, Bolder, Louder, Faster  CD  USA  PRO-CD-6345  Promo  Contains "I Can See Clearly"  17 tracksFollow Our Trax 9
  Forever 80's  CD  USA  Contains "Rapture"  15 tracksForever 80s
  Forever Gold 2  CD  Argentina  EMI Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  19 tracksForever Gold 2
  Freestyle Vol. 2  CD  Japan  UICZ-1182  Contains "Rapture"  18 tracks  (2005)Freestyle Vol 2

   Free Spirit  CD  Italy  471960-2  Columbia Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  14 tracks
  Friends Reunited  CD  England  2 CD Set  Contains "The Tide Is High"  42 tracksFriends Reunited
  Frosh 4  CD  USA  7-31458-535-22  Contains "The Tide Is High"  18 tracksFrosh 4

  * Thanks to Colin Wilcox from England, for providing detailed information and the scanned image of the "EMI Promo Sampler" CD *

Debbie Harry

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