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Debbie Harry

  Camelot Rules  CD  USA  7243-823236-2-4  Camelot Music Store Sampler  Contains "Call Me"  10 tracksCamelot Rules

   Caribbean Nights Vol. 1  CD  USA  Contains "The Tide Is High"
  Cash Cow  CD  USA  ESD-80712  Highstreet Records  Contains "Moroccan Rock"~ Pipe Of Pain with Deborah Harry lead vocalsCash Cow
  Celebration  CD  USA  138-38  Time Life  Contains "Call Me"  18 tracksCelebration

   Celebration  CD  USA  Time Life  2 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   Celebration 2000  CD  Australia  2 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  42 tracks
  The Chart Show Dance Album  CD  England  525-768-2  Polygram TV  Contains "Heart Of Glass" (Diddy's Adorable Edit)Chart Show Dance Album

   Chemistry: A Hundred Years Of EMI  CD  USA  Contains "Union City Blue"  24 tracks
   Christmas Party Album  CD  Ireland  BOOGIECD-1  Promo Issue with Irish Newspaper "Ireland On Sunday"  Contains "Atomic"  14 tracks
  Chrysalis 25~ Edited Highlights  CD  England  CD25CR-26  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  19 tracksChrysalis 25
  Chrysalis Music Classic Rock II  CD  USA  Promo Sampler  Contains "Hanging On The Telephone" & "Union City Blue"  17 tracksChrysalis Classic Rock 2
  Circuit City Music Gift Certificate Sampler  CD  USA  DPRO-11103  CEMA Distribution  Promo  Contains "One Way Or Another"Circuit City Sampler

   Circuit Party 5  CD  Canada  SPG2-3030  SPG Music  2 CD Set  Gay Pride issue  Contains "Command & Obey"~ Plasmic Honey Mix
  Classic 80's: Gotta Have Hits  CD  USA  6105-830994-2-3  Time Life Music  3 CD Boxed Set  Contains "The Tide Is High"  53 tracksClassic 80s
  Classic Rock: 80's  CD  USA  314-520-434-2  Rebound Records  Contains "Call Me"Classic Rock

   Classic Stuff  CD  USA  Camelot Music Sampler  Contains "Call Me"  10 tracks
  Closed On Account Of Rabies  CD  USA  314536480-2  Mercury Records  Contains "The City & The Sea" by Jazz Passengers with Deborah Harry vocalsClosed On Account Of Rabies
  Club Angels  CD  Australia  Colossal Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Atomic"  Gay Pride Issue  22 tracksClub Angels

   Club New Wave  CD  USA  GHD-5436  EMI Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  (2004)  14 tracks
  Club Mix 2000  CD  USA  2 CD Set  Contains "Maria"~ Soul Solution Radio Edit  24 tracksClub Mix 2000
  Club St. Tropez La Quarantine  CD  USA  0902-04967-3-6-0  More Music  2 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  31 tracks
  CMJ Year In Alternative Music~ 1979  CD  USA  731456557823  Polygram Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"CMJ Year in Alternative Music
  Collection 2000: Gold Disco Vol. 3  CD  Russia  CLN-012  Worlds Music  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Collection 2000
  Commercial Breaks: The Essential Sound Of TV Advertising  CD  USA  5016-5539901-2-8  Beechwood Records  2 CD Set  Contains "One Way Or Another"  26 tracksCommercial Breaks

   Cool Classics  CD  USA  Contains "One Way Or Another"  17 tracks
   The Crazy Eighties: Music Mystery Party  CD  USA  EMI Records  2 CD Set  34 tracks  (2001)
   Dancemania Club Classics 2  CD  Japan  TOCP-64072  Contains "Rapture"  24 tracks
   Dance Classics Party  CD  Japan  TOCP-50620  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  17 tracks
   Dance Club Retro Vol. 3  CD  Australia  7243-8-23877-2-5  EMI Records  Contains "Rapture (12" Mix-7:28)  10 Tracks
   Dance Fever & Celebration  CD  USA  Time Life  2 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"
   Dance Mania 80's  CD  Japan  TOCP-4115  Contains "Call Me"  19 tracks
  Dance Mania 80's Two  CD  Japan  TOCP-64132  Contains "Rapture"  20 tracksDance Mania 80s Two
  Dance Zone Level 3  CD  Germany  525073-2  2 CD Set  Contains "Atomic"~ 1995 Remix  42 tracksDance Zone
  Dancing Divas  CD  Germany  Contains "Maria"  12 tracksDancing Divas

   Dancing In The Street  CD  England  2 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  40 tracks
  Dancing 80's  CD  Japan  TOCP-64201  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  20 tracksDancing 80s

   Dancing The Night Away  CD  USA  OPCD-4512  Warner Brothers  2 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  40 tracks
   Danger Mouse Hip Hop Mix CD Vol. 2  CD  USA  Contains "Call Me" (DM's Jungle Mix)  29 tracks
  The Definitive Story Of CBGB's: The Home Of Punk  CD  USA  SALVODCD-202  Salvo Records  2 CD Set  Contains "X-Offender" (Single Version)  34 tracksStory Of CBGBs
  De Pre Historie 1979  CD  Belgium  260-751  BMG / Ariola Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  19 tracksDe Pre Historie 1979
  Die Haut  CD  USA  51148-2  Triple X Records  Contains "Don't Cross My Mind" with Deborah Harry lead vocalsDie Haut

   Disco 1999  CD  England  VTCD-239  Virgin Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Atomic '98"  42 tracks
   Disco 2000  CD  England  514012  2 CD Set  Contains "Atomic '98"  42 tracks
  The Disco Box  CD  USA  R-275595  Rhino Records  4 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  80 tracksDisco Box
  Disco Classics  CD  USA  02277-54385-2-9  K-Tel  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  12 tracksDisco Classics
  Disco Dancin'  CD  USA  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  14 tracksDisco Dancin
  Disco Fever  CD  Canada  SPG-1978  SPG Music Productions  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  21 tracksDisco Fever

   Disco Fever Vols. 1 & 2  CD  England  7738-48197-72  2 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  42 tracks
   Disco Hits  12"  Japan  SUX-164V  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   Disco Hits~ DJ Series  CD  USA  10 CD Set  Contains "Call Me" & "Heart Of Glass"  168 tracks
  The Disco Love Collection  CD  USA  9992-39559-2  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  (2004)  14 tracksDisco Love Collection
  Disco Mania  CD  USA  06792  Platinum Disc Corp.  2 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Disco Mania
  Disco Mania Vol. 1  CD  Canada  096009095826  Platinum Disc Corporation  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  10 tracksDisco Mania Vol 1
  Disco Party  CD  Japan  TOCP-64190  Contains "Call Me"  18 tracksDisco Party
  Disco Royal  CD  Germany  SSP-989449-2  Sony Music  2 CD Set  Contains "Rapture" (Maxi Version)  33 tracksDisco Royal
  Disco's Greatest Movie Hits  CD  USA  440-060-1270  Rebound Records  Contains "Call Me"Disco Movie Hits
  Disco Summer  CD  Japan  TOCP-64224  Contains "Call Me"  20 tracksDisco Summer
  Disco Viking  CD  Japan  TOCP-64265  Contains "Call Me"  20 tracks  (2005)Disco Viking
  Disco Viking Megamix  CD  Japan  TOCP-64287  Contains "Call Me"  25 tracksDisco Viking Megamix
  The Disco Years Vol. 2  CD  USA  R2-70985  Rhino Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"The Disco Years
  Divas Of Rock  CD  USA  24-759  Delta Records  2 CD Set  Tall Box Display Packaging  Contains "Heart Of Glass" & "Call Me"  24 tracksDivas Of Rock
  DIY Blank Generation: The New York Scene (1975-78)  CD  USA  08122-71175-2-8  Rhino Records  Contains "X-Offender" & "In The Flesh"  19 tracksDIY Blank Generation

   DIY Punk  CD  USA  R2-71175  Rhino Records  Contains "X-Offender" & "In The Sun"
   DIY Punk  CD  USA  R2-71175  Rhino Records  Promo  Contains "X-Offender" & "In The Sun"
  The Dome Vol. 9  CD  Austria  494089-2  Sony/BMG Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Maria"  40 tracksThe Dome
  Don't Care: New Wave Hits  CD  USA  S21-18274  Cema / Capitol Records  Contains "One Way Or Another"  10 tracksDont Care
  Double Shot~ New Wave  CD  USA  6447-2  K-Tel  2 CD Set  Contains "One Way Or Another"  24 tracksDouble Shot
  Do You Believe In Love  CD  Canada  Contains "Picture This"  20 tracksDo You Believe In love
  Drew's Famous Fang-tastic Grooves  CD  USA  7243-8-19630-2-9  Halloween Party Album  Contains "Rapture"  12 tracksFangtastic Grooves
  Drivin' Hits  CD  England  CDMFP-6227  Music For Pleasure Records vContains "Call Me"Drivin Hits

   Dueling Divas~ Donna Summer Vs. ----  CD  USA  Contains "I Feel Love"~ Donna Summer version & Blondie version
  Duran Duran~ The "B" Sides And Beyond  CD  2 CD Set  Contains "Pop Trash Movie" by Blondie  35 tracksDuran Duran

Debbie & Chris

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