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Debbie & Chris

     The following are all various artist compilation cassettes & 8-track tapes containing at least one Blondie / Deborah Harry track.

  Full Tilt  8-Track  USA  K-Tel Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  14 tracksFull Tilt
  High Energy  8-Track  USA  Contains "Rapture"High Energy

   Hot Nights And City Lights  8-Track  USA  K-Tel Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  14 tracks
   Power Play  8-Track  USA  K-Tel Records  Contains "Call Me"
  32 No. 1 Hits 1974-1986 Vol. 1  Cassette  Holland  PK-71291-1  RCA Records  Contains "Denis"  16 tracks32 No 1 Hits

   The Best Of 80's Rock  Cassette  Peru  Geffen Records
  The Best Punk Album In The World...Ever  Cassette  England  VTDMC-42  Virgin Records  2 Cassette Set  Contains "Denis"  48 tracksBest Punk Album

   Billboard 1978-79  Cassette  Peru  Geffen Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   Billboard Top Dance Hits Of 1980  Cassette  USA  Contains "Call Me"
   Billboard Top Hits 1979  Cassette  USA  R4-70674  Rhino Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  10 tracks
   Billboard Top Hits 1981  Cassette  Peru  Geffen Records
   Celebration  Cassette  USA  Time Life  2 Cassette Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   Certified Gold  Cassette  USA  TU-2834-1  K-Tel Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  12 tracks
   The Chart Show Dance Album  Cassette  England  525-768-4  Polygram Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass" (Diddy's Adorable Edit)  20 tracks
  Cinema Hits  Cassette  England  ZCTV9  Contains "Call Me"Cinema Hits

   Dance Fever & Celebration  Cassette  USA  2 Cassette Set  Contains "Call Me"
  Disco Super Hits  Cassette  USA  RC-3026  Ronco  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Disco Super Hits

   Drive  Cassette  England  P-1995  Released with October, 1995 issue of Q Drive! Magazine  Contains "Union City Blue"  15 tracks
   Electric Dreams  Cassette  Holland  525-435-4  Polygram Records  2 Cassette Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
  EMI Records~ November New Releases  Cassette  USA  4PRO-19934  4 Track Promo Sampler  Contains "Rapture"EMI Sampler

   The Greatest Hits Of 1978  Cassette  EEC  TCGH1978  Music For Pleasure Records  Contains "Denis"
   The Greatest Hits Of 1979  Cassette  EEC  TCGH1979  Music For Pleasure Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   The Greatest Hits Of 1980  Cassette  EEC  TCGH1980  Music For Pleasure Records  Contains "Call Me"
   The Greatest Hits Of 1986  Cassette  EEC  TCGH1986  Music For Pleasure Records  Contains "French Kissin'"
  Hit Mix '96 Vol. 2  Cassette  USA  6227-4  K-Tel Records  Contains "Atomic-1995 Remix"Hit Mix 96

   Hitwave '82  Cassette  New Zealand  HITMC-001  CBS Records  Contains "Island Of Lost Souls"
   Just Can't Get Enough Vol. 1  Cassette  USA  Contains "Rapture"
   Los Grandes Del Rock Vol. 1  Cassette  Peru  Geffen Records
   Los Grandes Del Rock Vol. 3  Cassette  Peru  Sonolux
   Los Monstruos Del Rock  Cassette  Peru  Geffen Records
   Musica Viva Vol. 1  Cassette  Peru  RCA-885  RCA Records
   New Wave No. 1  Cassette  Holland  535-323-4  Polygram Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  19 tracks
   The No. 1 Eighties Hits  Cassette  Canada  Polytel  Contains "Call Me"  24 tracks
   No Talking Just Head  Cassette  USA  MCAC-11504  MCA Records  Contains "No Talking Just Head" & "Punk Lolita" featuring Deborah Harry on lead vocals
  Number Ones Of The 70's  Cassette  England  TCPR-112  Music For Pleasure Records  Contains "Sunday Girl"Number Ones Of The 70's
  Punk & Disorderly (New Wave 1976-1981)  Cassette  England  STAC-2520  Telstar Records  Contains "Rip Her To ShredsPunk & Disorderly

   Punk And New Wave  Cassette  USA  OPCS-2689  Time Life  Contains "X-Offender"
   Rock Clasico 70's Vol. 2  Cassette  Peru  Geffen Records
  Rock Menu: Hot Platter Of Chrysalis Hits  Cassette  USA  1T1-7736  Columbia House Club Issue  Contains "Call Me"  12 tracksRock Menu
  Rock Of The 80's  Cassette  USA  4XL-7994  Priority Records  Contains "Call Me"  10 tracksRock Of The 80s
  Rock Shop  Cassette  England  HSC-3107  Hallmark Records  Contains "X-Offender"  16 tracksRock Shop

   The Rockin' 80's  Cassette  USA  Contains "The Tide Is High"
   Rockin' USA  Cassette  USA  2 Cassette Set  Contains "The Tide Is High"  37 tracks
  Satin & Steel (The Two Sides Of Women In Rock)  Cassette  England  516-971-4  Polygram Records  Contains "I Want That Man"Satin & Steel
  Sisters Are Doin' It  Cassette  England  ZCTV-11  Towerball Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  16 tracksSisters Are Doin It
  The Sound Of The Suburbs  Cassette  England  MOOD-C18  Columbia Records  Contains "Call Me"  18 tracksSound Of The Suburbs
  The Sounds Of Makeup  Cassette  USA  Promo  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Sounds Of Makeup
  Sounds Of The 70's: 1979  Cassette  USA  SOS-09  Time Life  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  18 tracksSounds Of The 70's (1979)
  Sounds Of The 70's: New Wave  Cassette  USA  OPCS-2689  Time Life  Contains "X-Offender"  21 tracksSounds Of The 70's (NewWave)

   Top Gear  Cassette  England  MOOD-C33  Epic Records  2 Cassette Set  Contains "Call Me"
   Top Gear 2  Cassette  England  MOOD-C41  Columbia Records  2 Cassette Set  Contains "Atomic"
   The Ultimate Eighties  Cassette  England  ULTMC-003  A Hit Records Product  2 Cassette Set  Contains "Atomic", "The Tide Is High" & "French Kissin'"
   The Ultimate Eighties: The Album Of The Decade  Cassette  Canada  516-982-4  PolyTel Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  24 tracks
   The Ultimate Hits Album  Cassette  England  MC-HITS-942  Contains "Atomic" (Diddy's Edit)  20 tracks
   Verano '99  Cassette  USA  74321-6688548  Ariola International Records  Contains "Maria"  13 tracks
   VH1~ The Big 80's  Cassette  USA  Rhino Records  Contains "Rapture"

  * A special thanks to Andy Prosser of England for kindly providing the detailed information and scanned images on the following cassettes: "Electric Dreams", "The Greatest Hits Of 1978, 1979, 1980 & 1986", "Number Ones Of The 70's", "Punk & Disorderly", "Satin & Steel", "Top Gear", "Top Gear 2" & "The Ultimate Eighties" *

Debbie Harry

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