Various Compilations



     The following are all various artist compilation albums containing at least one Blondie / Deborah Harry track.  Also included on this page are 10" and 7" vinyl various artist compilations.

   12 Superhits Vol II  12"  Peru  15682  Iempsa Records
   1982: Out Of The Blue  12"  Australia  RML-50003  Festival Records  Contains "Island Of Lost Souls"  18 tracks
   $100,000 Gold  12"  USA  BU-5420  Nestle Corp.  Contains "One Way Or Another"
   20 Solid Gold Hits Vol. 24  12"  New Zealand  SG-24  Polygram Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   60 Second LP  12"  USA  60-031-79  Promo  Contains "Eat To The Beat" Album Review
   70's Gold  12"  USA  OP-2523  Warner Special Products  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   80's New Wave Hits #5  12"  USA  NWH-005  Contains "Rapture"  4 tracks
  80s' New Wave Hits #10  12"  USA  NWH-010  Contains "Call Me"  4 tracks80s NewWave Hits

   80's New Wave Hits #11  12"  USA  NWH-011  Contains "The Tide Is High"  4 tracks
   Action Replay  12"  England  NE-1040  K-Tel Records  Contains "Hanging On The Telephone  20 tracks
  The All Niter  12"  USA  Sessions Records  4 LP Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  50 tracksAll Niter

   Bigger DJ Sampler  12"  USA  Promo
  Billboard #20  12"  Taiwan  KM-9020  Kong Mei Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  12 tracksBillboard #20

  Billboard Sound #9  12"  Taiwan  TLA-6009  Tailee Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Billboard Sound #9

   Billboard Top Hits Sampler Of 1980  12"  USA  Contains "The Tide Is High"
  Breakout  12"  England  RTL-2081  Ronco Records  Contains "War Child"  22 tracksBreakout
  Brilliant Vol. 5  12"  USA  K1-31179  SBK Records  2 LP Set  Contains "Rapture" (K-Klass Mix)  11 tracksBrilliant Vol 5

  Catch A Summer '82  12"  Japan  PRP-8215  Toshiba Records  Promo  Contains "Island Of Lost Souls"  12 tracksCatch A Summer 82

   Certified Gold  12"  USA  TU-2830  K-Tel Records  2 LP Set  Contains "The Tide Is High"
   Chart Action  12"  USA  4 LP Boxed Set  75 tracks
  Chart Explosion  12"  USA  K-Tel  Contains "Call Me"  20 tracksChart Explosion

   Chrysalis Promo Sampler  12"  Spain  Chrysalis Records Promo  Contains "Rip Her To Shreds"
  Countdown  12"  USA  K-Tel RecordsCountdown
  Da Da Da  12"  Israel  25138  CBS Records  Contains "War Child"  14 tracksDa Da Da

   Dance, Dance, Dance  12"  Finland  DD-7005  Contains "Rapture"
   Danny Tenaglia Greatest Remixes Vol. 2  12"  England  SKY-060  2 LP Set  Contains "Nothing Is Real But The Girl (Heart Of Trance Mix)  6 tracks
   The Diamond Collection Vol. 10  12"  Holland  01-3100-21  Arcade Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  12 tracks
   Discomania  12"  Italy  TI-123  K-Tel Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  20 tracks
  Disco Action  12"  Germany  TG-1221  K-Tel Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  20 tracksDisco Action

   Disco Crazy  12"  Peru  Polydor Records
   Disco Dancin'  12"  Holland  HN-4021  Hep Records  Contains "Denis"  20 tracks
  Disco Explosion  12"  Germany  ADE-G-84  Arcade Records  Contains "Sunday Girl"  20 tracksDisco Explosion

   Disco Express  12"  Italy  TI-127  Contains "Sunday Girl"
   Disco Gold Vol. 2  12"  Hong Kong  Ariola Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  10 tracks
   Disco Holiday  12"  Holland  ADEH-41  Arcade Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  20 tracks
   Disco Nights  12"  Germany  TG-1181  K-Tel Records  Contains "Touched...Presence Dear"  20 tracks
  Disco Roller  12"  Germany  ADE-G-118  Ariola Records  Contains "Call Me"  20 tracksDisco Roller

   Disco Summer Night  12"  Germany  Ariola Records  Contains "In Love With Love"  16 tracks
  Disco Super Hits  12"  USA  R-3020  Ronco Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  (1979)  16 tracksDisco Super Hits

   EMI Promo Sampler  12"  Japan  PRP-8146  EMI Records  Promo  Contains "Call Me"  16 tracks
  EMI Promo Sampler  12"  Japan  PRT-8161  Toshiba / EMI Records  2 LP Set  Promo  Contains "Call Me" & "The Tide Is High"Promo Sampler

   Europe 1980  12"  Greece  6300378  Phillips Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  14 tracks
   Fantastico II  12"  Mexico  MILS-4553  RCA Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"
   Fantastico II  12"  Mexico  RX-73  RCA Records  Promo  Contains "The Tide Is High"
   Favre Leuba~ The Best Number Ones (1980-1982)  12"  Greece  MT-16208  EMI Records  2 LP Set  Promo  Contains "Rapture"
  Felicidad Super Disco  12"  Argentina  LZ-1499  RCA Records  Promo  Contains "Rapture"Felicidad Super Disco

  Felicidades '79  12"  Mexico  S/N-158-A2  Promo  Swirl Multi-Color Vinyl  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  16 tracksFelicidades 79

   Feliz Ayo Nuevo  12"  Mexico  RX-70  RCA Records  Promo
   Fire & Ice  12"  USA  OP-1525  Contains "One Way Or Another"  12 tracks
  For Dancing  12"  Taiwan  TP-2504  Tshangang Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  12 tracksFor Dancing

   Forever Hits  12"  Bolivia  90038  EMI Records
   Forever Hits Vol. 3  12"  Bolivia  90057  EMI Records
   Formula 30  12"  England  PRO-LP-4  Decca Records  2 LP Set  Contains "Call Me"
   Formula 30  12"  New Zealand  PRO-TV-814930  Decca Records  2 LP Set  Contains "Call Me"
  Full Tilt  12"  USA  TU-2770  K-Tel Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"Full Tilt
  Go For The Geffen Gold  12"  USA  PRO-A-2670  Geffen Records  Promo Sampler  Contains "In Love With Love"Go For The Geffen Gold
  Gold Rush '79  12"  USA  TU-2660-1  K-Tel Records  2 LP Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Gold Rush 79

   Gracias A Dios Es Viernes  12"  Bolivia  90068  EMI Records
  The Greatest Hits Album  12"  USA  OP-3509  Warner Special Products  3 LP Set  Contains "The Tide Is High"  40 tracksGreatest Hits Album

   The Groups Of Wrath  12"  France  DANLP-080  Danceteria Records  Contains "X-Offender" & "In The Sun"  14 tracks
   Have You Heard?  12"  USA  Army ROTC Issue  Promo
   Heart Of Glass  12"  Poland  SX-1841  Tonpress  Contains "Heart Of Glass" & "Hanging On The Telephone"
   Heart Of Glass  12"  Poland  SX-1841  Tonpress  Promo  Contains "Heart Of Glass" & "Hanging On The Telephone"
  Heart Of Glass  12"  Taiwan  LM-103  Li Ming Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  12 tracksHeart Of Glass Taiwan

   Hey Little Girl  12"  Greece  811491  Chrysalis Records  Contains "War Child" & "Jump Jump"  12 tracks
   Highlights Of 18 Explosive Hits & One Real Loser  12"  Australia  SAMP-293  Promo  Contains "Call Me"  19 tracks
   High Energy  12"  Finland  TS-4051  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   High Energy  12"  Germany  206-462-620  Ariola Records  Contains "Rush Rush"  16 tracks
  High Energy  12"  Germany  TG-1243  K-Tel Records  Contains "Dreaming"  20 tracksHigh Energy

   High Life  12"  Germany  2475531  Polystar Records  Contains "Denis"  20 tracks
  High Speed Disco  12"  Germany  9198-356  Polystar Records  Contains "Sunday Girl" & "Heart Of Glass"  20 tracksHigh Speed Disco

   History Of Rock Vol. 3  12"  Greece  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   History Of Rock Vol. 33  12"  England  HRL-033  Orbis Publishing Ltd  2 LP Set  Contains "Rip Her To Shreds", "Denis", "Hanging On The Telephone", "Dreaming", "Sunday Girl" & "The Tide Is High"
   Hit News  12"  Germany  TG-1387  K-Tel Records  Contains "Island Of Lost Souls"  18 tracks
  Hit Fever    12"  Germany  Arcade Records  20 tracksHit Fever

   Hitwave '82  12"  New Zealand  HITS-001  CBS Records  Contains "Island Of Lost Souls"
   Hooked On Dance Music  12"  Hong Kong  Ariola Records  Contains "Rapture"  12 tracks
   Hot Ladies Of Rock  12"  England  SHM-3120  Pickwick Records  Contains "Touched...Presence Dear" & "Hanging On The Telephone"
  Hot Nights & City Lights  12"  USA  TU-2710  K-Tel Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Hot Nights City Lights

   Hot Platter Of Chrysalis Hits  12"  USA  77362  Chrysalis Records  Promo Sampler  Contains "Call Me"
   Impactos Musicales Internacion  12"  Uruguay  LPUS-335  RCA Records
   In Concert '80  12"  Venezuela  K-281  K-Tel
   Jukebox '82 #1  12"  Greece  6448209  Chrysalis Records  Promo Sampler  Contains "Backfired" & "Rapture"  
  Jungle Heat  12"  England  WW-5115  Warwick Records  Contains "The Beast"  18 tracksJungle Heat
  Like A Girl, I Want You To Keep Coming  12"  USA  GSP-040  Contains "Invocation To Papa Legba"  9 tracksLike A Girl

   Like A Girl, I Want You To Keep Coming  12"  England  SERV-008  Giorno Poetry Systems  Contains "Invocation To Papa Legba"  9 tracks
   Lista De Novedades No. 1  12"  Ecuador  700118  Fadisa Records  Promo  Contains "Live It Up"  11 tracks
   Live In Concert  12"  Holland  AN-8011  Arrival Records  Contains "Heroes"  14 tracks
   Love Against AIDS  12"  Greece  7243-8-34370  Minos-EMI Records  Contains "One Way Or Another"  12 tracks
   Love 'N Disco  12"  Finland  SLP-656  Scandia Records  Contains "Denis"
   Make It To The Top With Chrysalis  12"  Australia  Promo  Contains "Backfired" & "Blondie Medley"  10 tracks
  Make It To The Top With Chrysalis  12"  Spain  CHR-1386  Chrysalis Records  Promo Sampler  Contains "Call Me~ Spanish Version" & "Backfired"Make It To The Top

   Musica Viva Vol. 1  12"  Peru  XRPL1-885  RCA Records  Contains "Rapture"
   Musikladen~ 20 Original Hits  12"  Germany  203-444-502  Hansa Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  20 tracks
   Neo Rock  12"  Greece  SBL-1149  Polygram Records  Contains "Hanging On The Telephone"  only 300 copies made~ issued by "Pop & Rok" Greek music paper
  New Wave  12"  Sweden  TS-4070  K-Tel Records  Contains "Dreaming"  16 tracksNew Wave
  New Wave Classics Vol. 1  12"  Country Unknown  NWC-01  Promo  Contains "One Way Or Another"  4 tracksNew Wave Classics

   Night Moves  12"  USA  NE-1065  K-Tel Records  Contains "Dreaming"  20 tracks
  The Oldies Vol. 2  12"  Uruguay  APS-521  RCA Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  12 tracksOldies Vol 2
   Pai Heroi Trilha Internacional  12"  Brazil  4047123  Somlivre RecordsPai Heroi Trilha Internacional

   Party Fever  12"  England  TVA-05  TV Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  16 tracks
  Pop Golden Disc Vol. 1  12"  Taiwan  POP-G001  POP Records  Contains "Call Me"Pop Golden Disc Vol 1
  Pop Golden Disc Vol. 5  12"  Taiwan  POP-G005  POP Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"Pop Golden Disc Vol 1

   Pop Shop Gold Vol. 3  12"  South Africa  GOLD-300  Contains "Call Me"
  Pop World  12"  Sweden  TS-4035  K-Tel Records  Contains "Picture This"  16 tracksPop World

   Popular Hits For '80  12"  Japan  PRP-8126  Toshiba  Promo  Contains "Dreaming"
  Power Pack  12"  Germany  TG-1299  K-Tel Records  Contains "Atomic"  20 tracksPower Pack

   Power Play  12"  USA  TU-2630  K-Tel Records  Contains "Call Me"
   Punk & Disorderly (New Wave 1976-1981)  12"  England  STAR-2520  Telstar Records  Contains "Rip Her To Shreds
  Punk Rock  12"  Philippines  CDL-12-492  Chrysalis Sampler  Contains "X-Offender" & "Kung Fu Girls"  10 tracksPunk Rock
  Radioactive  12"  USA  TU-2940  K-Tel Records  Contains "Rapture"Radioactive
  RCA Promo Sampler  12"  Italy  PG-6514  RCA Records  Promo  Orange Label on disk  Contains "Rapture"  4 tracks
  RCA Promo Sampler  12"  Italy  PG-6514  RCA Records  Promo  White Label on disk  Contains "Rapture"  4 tracks
RCA Promo Sampler

  RCA Promo Sampler  12"  Italy  DJL-32001  Promo  Contains "Backfired"  Die-Cut Title Sleeve  8 tracks  (1981)Promo Sampler

   RCA Promo Sampler  12"  Italy  DJL-32006  Promo  Contains "Island Of Lost Souls"  8 tracks
  Reggae Fever  12"  Germany  TG-1327  K-Tel Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  (1981)  16 tracksReggae Fever

   Rock 80  12"  USA  Contains "Call Me" & "One Way Or Another"  14 tracks
  Rock At The Edge  12"  USA  AL-8436  Arista Records  Contains "X-Offender"Rock At The Edge

   Rock Classics 70-80's Vol. 2  12"  Peru  Geffen Records
   Rock Dreams  12"  Mexico  CHRT-41  Chrysalis Records  Promo Sampler  Contains "Call Me"
   Rock Mix  12"  Brazil  9951183  EMI Records  Promo
   Rock Stars  12"  Argentina  CRL-30003  Chrysalis Records  Promo Sampler  Contains "Atomic"
  Rodney Bingenheimer's All Year Party  12"  USA  MARTIAN-1714  Contains "Little GTO"All Year Party
  Ruidos Programados  12"  Argentina  5188  Polystar RecordsRuidos Programados
  Salsoul Presents Disco Trance & Cosmic Flavas  12"  USA  SALSA-12039  Salsoul Records  Contains "Call Me" (Filthy Luka Instrumental Re-Edit)  4 tracksSalsoul Presents
  Songs Of The Naked City  12"  Spain  MR-138  Munster Records  Pink Vinyl  Promo  Contains "In The Sun" & "X-Offender"Songs Of The Naked City
  Sounds From The Radio FM Vol. 40  12"  Taiwan  DG-5040  Taiwan Dragon Records  Contains "One Way Or Another"Sounds From The Radio
  Space Dust Disco Classics  12"  USA  SDDC-010  Promo  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  4 tracks  Die-Cut Art SleeveSpace Dust Disco Classios
  Spartacus  12"  Greece  8270561  EMI Records  Gay Pride Issue  Contains "One Way Or Another"Spartacus

   Spec's Music DJ Sampler  12"  USA  Promo
   Star Time  12"  USA  P-15143  Ronco  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   Street Beat  12"  Germany  SHM-3116  Pickwick Records  Contains "Chrome" & "Backfired"
   Street Level  12"  England  RTL-2048  Ronco
   Summer Fun Vol. 1  12"  USA  TU-2910  GSA Records  Contains "Call Me"
   Super Disco Holidays  12"  Argentina  AVI-4882  RCA Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"
  Super Disco Show 10  12"  Argentina  AVSI-4794  RCA Records  Promo  Contains  "Atomic"Super Disco Show 10

   Super Hit Party No. 1  12"  Holland  26-222-XOT  Ariola Records  Contains "Denis"  16 tracks
   Super Hits  12"  Venezuela  099-00001  RCA Records  Promo  Contains "Rapture"
  Super Mix  12"  Israel  465357-1  CBS Records  Contains "Call Me" (1988 Ben Liebrand Remix)  12 tracks  Tall-Box display packagingSuper Mix

   Super Jets Vol. 2  12"  Finland  JETS-2  Contains "Atomic"
  Super Sonic  12"  USA  P-15287  Ronco  Contains "One Way Or Another"  16 tracksSuper Sonic
  Super Tunes Vol. 1  12"  Korea  OLH-7001  Chrysalis  Promo Sampler  Contains "Call Me" & "One Way Or Another"Super Tunes Vol 1

  Taiwan Compilation 4  12"  Taiwan  TOP-3604  Top Records  Deborah Harry Cover, but Blondie is not found on the LPCompilation 4

   Te Deseumos Feliz Navidad Y Prospero Ano 1983  12"  Mexico  RX-82  RCA Records  Promo  Contains "Island Of Lost Souls"
   Timex Sound 8  12"  Uruguay  APSI-503/2  RCA Records  2 LP Set  Contains "Call Me"
   Top 17 Hits 1979  12"  Argentina  9198-180  Polystar Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"
   Top 17 Hits Vol. 2  12"  Argentina  9198-468  Polystar Records  Contains "Sunday Girl"Top 17 Hits Vol 2

   Top Chrysalis  12"  Spain  CHR-1334  Chrysalis Records  Promo Sampler  Contains "Call Me"
  Top Chrysalis 2  12"  Spain  CHR-1369  Chrysalis Records  Promo Sampler  Contains "The Tide Is High"Top Chrysalis 2

  Top Hits  12"  Czechoslovakia  1113-2717-ZD  Supraphon Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass" & "Sunday Girl"  12 tracksTop Hits
  Top Of The Pops  12"  England  SHM-3000  Contains "Denis"Top Of The Pops
  Top Of The Pops Vol. 73  12"  England  SHM-3009  Contains "Sunday Girl"  16 tracksTop Of The Pops

   Tropical Super Hits  12"  Germany  TG-1421  K-Tel Records  Contains "Island Of Lost Souls"  16 tracks
  The Ultimate Hits Album  12"  England  LP-HITS-942  Contains "Atomic" (Diddy's Edit)  20 tracksUltimate Hits Album
  Vital Vinyl Vol. 2  12"  England  SHM-3037  Pickwick Records  Contains "Denis"Vital Vinyl 2

  Watch You Headbanging  12"  USA  PUNK001  Red Vinyl  Contains "Standing In My Way" with Deborah Harry & Joey Ramone on vocals  15 tracksWatch You Headbanging

   Watch You Headbanging  12"  USA  PUNK001  Black Vinyl Test Pressing  Contains "Standing In My Way" with Deborah Harry & Joey Ramone on vocals  15 tracks
   WEA Promo Sampler  12"  Brazil  PROMO-DISCO-2  Warner Brothers Records  4-Track Promo Sampler  Contains "Rush Rush"  Title Sleeve
  Wings Of Sound  12"  USA  TU-2730  K-Tel Records  Contains "Dreaming"  15 tracksWings Of Sound

   Women In Rock  12"  France  PL-27571  Contains "The Jam Was Moving" & "Jump Jump"  12 tracks
  Catcha Wave  10"  England  NICE-1  2 Record Set  Contains "Kidnapper"Catch A Wave

  Joey & Friends: I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) / Four Your Love / Sonic Reducer / The Wind Cries Mary / Go Li'l Camaro Go / I Wanna Be Sedated / Loudmouth  7"  Bangladesh  Red Vinyl  Debbie Harry & The Ramones~ Live in New York City 4/1/88  Limited to 1,000 copiesJoey And Friends

  Champagne Jam: You Brought The Woman Out Of Me (Hot) / Two Doors Down (Dolly Parton) / Denis / Kick It Out (Heart)  7"  Thailand  SP-1042  Super Hits Records  Contains "Denis"  4 tracksChampagne Jam
  Dance, Bunny Honey, Dance (Penny MClean) / Time Bomb (Lake) / The Name Of The Game (ABBA) / In The Flesh  7"  Thailand  CB-123  Cash Box Records  Contains "In The Flesh"  4 tracksDance Bunny Honey Dance
  Free Me (Uriah Heep) / In The Flesh / DiscoBeatlemania (D.B.M.)  7"  Thailand  TKR-524  Royal Sound  Contains "In The Flesh"  3 TracksDisco Beatlemania
  Galaxy (War) / Ariana (Stardust) / Man Overboard / Lipsmackin' Rock 'N Rollin' (Peter Blake)  7"  Thailand  SP-1021  Super Hits  Contains "Man Overboard"  4 TracksGalaxy
  In The Sun / California Sun-I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You (The Ramones) / Disco Duck-Part I & II (Rick Dees)  7"  Thailand  EXP-264  Express Song Records  Contains "In The Sun"  3 TracksDisco Duck
  Let's Make Love / In The Flesh / You're In My Heart / Look At Me  7"  Thailand  SP-1020  Super Hits  Contains "In The Flesh"  4 TracksLets Make Love

  New York Punk  7"  Spain  7124  Munster Records  Red & Clear Multi-Color Vinyl  Contains "X-Offender"New York Punk

  People Like You And People Like Me (The Glitter Band) / I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (The Ramones) / X-Offender / Reggae Thing (Inner Circle)  7"  Thailand  EXP-260  Express Songs  Contains "X-Offender"  Picture SleeveX-Offender

  Qutey 5  7"  Japan  PRP-4015  Promo  Contains "Kidnapper"Qutey 5

  War Child Heroes: The Ultimate Covers Album  7"  England  50999-244075-7-1  Parlophone Records  Boxed Set consists of Fifteen 7" records, each containing a cover of a particular hit song on Side "A", with the original artist's rendition on Side "B"  Contains "Call Me" (Cover Version by Franz Ferdinand)War Child Heroes


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