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Debbie Harry

  Sanctuary Records Spring 2004 Sampler  CD  USA  Sanctuary Records  Promo  Acetate CD-R  Contains "Good Boys"  Back Title Insert only  17 tracksSanctuary Sampler
   Satin & Steel (The Two Sides Of Women In Rock)  CD  England  516-971-2  Polygram Records  Contains "I Want That Man"
  Seasons In The Sun  CD  England  Contains "Heart Of Glass"~ Boilerhouse Lounge Mix (3:28)  20 tracksSeasons In The Sun
  Sedated In The Eighties Vol. 4  CD  USA  T2-34661  The Right Stuff  Contains "Hanging On The Telephone" (Live)Sedated In The 80s

   Sedated In The Eighties Vol. 4  CD  USA  70876-10932-2-3  The Right Stuff  Promo Sampler  Contains "Hanging On The Telephone" (Live)  5 Tracks
  Sedated In The Eighties Vol. 6  CD  USA  7243-53728021  The Right Stuff Records  Contains "One Way Or Another"  16 tracksSedated In The 80s Vol 6
  Seventies Complete Vol. 1  CD  Australia  EMI Records  5 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Seventies Complete
  Seventies Complete Vol. 2  CD  Australia  EMI Records  5 CD Boxed Set  Contains "In The Flesh"Seventies Complete
  Shape: Fitness Music~ Walking 3  CD  USA  7243-8-55408-2-0  The Right Stuff  Contains "Atomic~ 1995 Remix"Shape Fitness Music
  She Rock  CD  USA  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  16 tracksShe Rock
  Smash Hits Party Mix  CD  USA  Contains "Call Me"  12 tracksSmash Hits Party Mix

   Snow Jammin'  CD  USA  Contains "Call Me"  18 tracks
   Soft Metal  CD  England  TMPCD-013  18 tracks
   Songs Of The Naked City  CD  USA  2 CD Set  Contains "X-Offender" & "In The Sun"  21 tracks
  Sony Music Monthly Sampler (November 2003)  CD  Taiwan  Sony Music  Promo Sampler (November 2003)  Contains "Good Boys"  18 tracksSony Music Sampler
  The Soul Of Rock 'n Roll~ 70's Real Rock Collection: American '76-'80  CD  Japan  MHCP-88  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  17 tracksSoul Of Rock n Roll

   Soul Train  CD  Japan  TOCP-64086  Contains "Rapture"  24 tracks
  Soundburst 2000  CD  USA  DMCA-2199  EMI Records  "Borders" Promo Sampler  Contains "One Way Or Another"  10 tracksSoundburst 2000

   Sound Of Revolution  CD  England  REN-CD-111  Renaissance Records  Contains "Hanging On The Telephone"
  The Sound Of The 80's  CD  Greece  7243-6-60223-2-6  Promo  Contains "One Way Or Another"  5 tracksSound Of The 80s
  The Sound Of The City  CD  USA  MOOD-CD22  Columbia Records  Contains "Denis"Sound Of The City
  The Sound Of The Suburbs  CD  USA  MOOD-CD18  Columbia Records  Contains "Call Me"Sound Of The Suburbs
  The Sound Of The Suburbs  CD  USA  65437-8205224  Crimson Productions  Contains "Denis"  20 tracksSound Of The Suburbs
  Sounds By Light  CD  USA  PROCD-3623  Warner Brothers  Promo Sampler  Contains "Invocation To Papa Legba"Sounds By Light
  Sounds Of The Seventies: 1979  CD  USA  Time Life  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  18 tracksSounds Of The Seventies
  Sounds Of The Seventies: 1979~ Take Two  CD  USA  Time Life  Contains "One Way Or Another"  20 tracksSounds Of The Seventies Take Two
  Sounds Of The Seventies: Punk And New Wave  CD  USA  OPCD-2689  Time Life  Picture Disk  Contains "X-Offender"Punk And New Wave
  Sounds Of The Seventies: Super 70's  CD  USA  72438-19912-2-0  Time Life  Picture Disk  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  12 tracksSuper 70's

   Sounds Of The 80's  CD  USA  Time Life  7 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"
  Sounds Of The Eighties: The Rockin' Eighties  CD  USA  Time Life  Contains "The Tide Is High"  18 tracksSounds Of The 80's
  Spark! Music For Outdoor Life  CD  Japan  TOCP-67967  Contains "The Tide Is High"  20 tracksSpark

   Spartacus  CD  Greece  EMI Records  Gay Pride Issue  Contains "One Way Or Another"
  Sports Groove  CD  Japan  TOCP-67146  Contains "The Tide Is High"  17 tracksSports Groove
  Starman Vol. 5  CD  England  Promo Give-away with the March, 2003 issue of "UnCut" Magazine  Contains "Heroes" (Live)  18 tracksStarman
  Stereoplay Highlights CD #9~ Meisterworke Aus Pop Und Rock  CD  Holland  697006  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Stereoplay Highlights
  Stock Aitken & Waterman~ Hit Factory 6  CD  USA  Promo  Contains "In Love With Love" (SAW Remix)Hit Factory 6
  Summer & Sun  CD  USA  M213-472  Contains "In The Sun"  18 tracksSummer And Sun
  The Summer Album  CD  USA  7243-533873-2-7  EMI Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  21 tracks  (2001)The Summer Album

   Summer Breeze  CD  Japan  TOCP-50597  Contains "Atomic", "Call Me", "Heart Of Glass", "Sunday Girl" & "The Tide Is High"  17 tracks
   Summer Party Favorites  CD  USA  K-Tel Records  Contains "The Tide Is High  16 tracks
  Summer Soundtrack  CD  USA  72435-97235-2-5  EMI Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  10 tracksSummer Soundtrack
  Sunday Morning  CD  Japan  UICZ-1286  Universal Music  2 CD Set  Contains "Dreaming"  35 tracksSunday Morning
  Superstars Of The 80's: 1980-1989  CD  USA  Contains "The Tide Is High"  14 tracksSuperstars Of The 80s
  Super Disco Hit Collection '89  CD  Japan  CP32-858  Toshiba Records  Promo  Contains "Call Me" (1989 Remix) & "Heart Of Glass" (1989 Remix)  11 tracksSuper Disco Hit Collection 89
  Super Disco Hit Collection '89  CD  Japan  CP32-5727  Toshiba Records  Promo  Contains "In Love With Love" (Extended Version-7:14)  11 tracksSuper Disco Hit Collection 89

   Super Rock  CD  Japan  TOCP-65339  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  17 tracks
   Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 20th Anniversary  CD  Australia  51892  2 CD Set  Contains "Rapture"
  Take 3 Girls  CD  England  METRO-716  Metrodome Records  3 CD Boxed Set featuring Blondie / Siouxsie Sioux & Chrissie Hynde  Contains "Maria", "11:59", "Atomic", "Call Me", "Denis", "Dreaming", "Just Go Away", "Hanging On The Telephone", "Heart Of Glass", "I Know But I Don't Know", "Touched...Presence Dear", "I'm Gonna Love You Too", "One Way Or Another", "Picture This", "Rapture", "Sunday Girl", "The Tide Is High" & "Union City Blue"  42 tracksTake 3 Girls

   Taking The Party To The People  CD  England  CDOTBDJ-1  Chrysalis 25th Anniversary Promo  Contains "Atomic '95~ Diddy's Edit"  15 tracks
  Teenage Kicks  CD  England  525-338-2  Polygram Records  Contains "Hanging On The Telephone"Teenage Kicks

   Time To Unwind~ ESQ Swiss Watches  CD  USA  EMI Records  Contains "Call Me"  9 tracks
  To Be Someone  CD  England  CDV-2933  Virgin Records  Contains "Sunday Girl"  19 tracksTo Be Someone
  Tony Little's Fit Trax: Cardio Rock  CD  USA  7243-582709-2-1  The Right Stuff Records  Contains "Call Me"  20 tracksTony Little
  Top 80's  CD  Japan  TOCP-70528  EMI Records  Contains "Call Me"  18 tracksTop 80s
  Top Gear: 36 Classic Driving Tracks  CD  USA  MOODCD-33  Sony Music  2 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"  36 tracksTop Gear
  Top Gear 2: 36 Classic Driving Tracks  CD  USA  MOODCD-41  Sony Music  2 CD Set  Contains "Atomic"  36 tracksTop Gear 2

   Top Of The Pops 2  CD  England  2 CD Set  Contains "Hanging On The Telephone"  40 tracks
  Top Of The Pops Vol. 3 (1978-1983)  CD  Australia  EMI Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  34 tracksTop Of The Pops Vol 3
  Top Pop Yeah  CD  Holland  565-0212  2 CD Set  Contains "Denis"  40 tracksTop Pop Yeah
  Totally 80's  CD  USA  34187  Contains "Call Me"  15 tracksTotally 80s
  Totally Awesome 80's (1980-1982)  CD  England  4984572  EMI Records  Contains "Atomic"  18 tracksTotally Awesome 80s
  Totally Movies  CD  England  Contains "Call Me"  18 tracksTotally Movies
  Totally Number 1 Hits Of The 70's  CD  England  CDGOLD-1086  EMI Records  Contains "Sunday Girl" & "Heart Of Glass"  18 tracksTotally Number 1
  Tribute To 20th Century Boys  CD  Japan  TECI-25484  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  17 tracksTribute To 20th Century Boys
  Tropical Feeling  CD  Germany  CD-0060400  Polymedia Marketing Group  4 CD Set  Contains "The Tide Is High" & "Island Of Lost Souls"  80 tracksTropical Feeling
  True Colors  CD  USA  6618-681666-2-0  Tommy Boy Records  Contains "What Is Love"  10 tracksTrue Colors

Debbie Harry

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