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Debbie Harry

  Q- Here Comes The Sun CD England  Q-154 Promo~ give-away with "Q-Magazine" issue #154 Contains "Rapture"  14 tracksQ~ Here Comes The Sun

   Q-Magazine CD #9  CD  England  Promo~ give-away with "Q-Magazine"  Contains "Screaming Skin"  15 tracks
  Queer As Folk: The Whole Love Thing  CD  England  ALMYCD-28  2 CD Set  Contains "Atomic"  32 tracksQueer As Folk
  Radio Days: 70's Rock  CD  USA  7243-49828-7-2  Contains "One Way Or Another"  (2003)  10 tracksRadio Days

   Radio X 70's  CD  Japan  TOCP-65942  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  19 tracks
  Ranking & Skanking: The Best Of Pun  CD  USA  0071818RHI  Rhino Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  17 tracksRanking & Skanking
   Reggae Dance Party I  CD  USA  314-520-313-2  Rebound Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  12 tracksReggae Dance Party
  Reggae Fieber  CD  Germany  4-96359-2  EMI/Electrola Records  Contains "Island Of Lost Souls"Reggae Fieber
  Reggae Nights Vol. 2  CD  Germany  473895-2  Sony Music  Contains "The Tide Is High"  19 tracksReggae Nights
  Relax! Vol. 2~ The Ultimate 80's Mix  CD  England  Polygram Records  2 CD Set  Contains "Atomic"  (1999)  37 tracksRelax
  Remix Heaven  CD  USA  72435-82898-2-4  2 CD Set  Contains "Atomic" (Diddy's 12")  37 tracksRemix Heaven

   Remix Remix  CD  Brazil  VP-0430  BMG Music  Promo  Contains "Maria" (French Mix)  11 tracks
  Replay! Brand New 80's  CD  Japan  UICZ-1018  Contains "Atomic"  19 tracksReplay Brand New 80s

   Retro 80's Vol. 1  CD  USA  E2-72434-94887-2  EMI Records  Contains "Call Me"  16 tracks
  Retro Dance Club Vol. 1  CD  USA   E2-54097  EMI Records  Contains "Atomic" (Diddy's 12")Retro Dance Club Vol 1
  Retro Dance Club Vol. 2  CD  USA  E2-54099  EMI Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass" (Richie Jones Club Mix)Retro Dance Club Vol 2
  Retro Dance Club Vol. 3  CD  USA   E2-54100  EMI Records  Contains "Rapture" (K-Klassic Mix)Retro Dance Club Vol 3
  Retro Dance Club Vol. 4  CD  USA  E2-54101  EMI Records  Contains "Call Me" (E-Smoove's Beat Vocal Mix)Retro Dance Club Vol 4
  Retro Remixed 2: Rare & Refashioned  CD  Canada  HIB-10312  Contains "Heart Of Glass (Diddy's Adorable Illusion Mix)"  12 tracksRetro Remixed
  Reunited: 60 Original School Room Hits  CD  Holland  8711539054144  Disky Records  3 CD Boxed Set  Contains "The Tide Is High" & "Heart Of Glass"  60 tracksReunited

   Reunited: 120 Original School Room Hits  CD  Holland  8711539032647  Disky Records  6 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Atomic", "The Tide Is High" & "Heart Of Glass"  120 tracks
  Rhythm & Grooves Celebration  CD  USA  OPCD-2818  Warner Special Products  2 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  24 tracksRhythm & Grooves
  Rhythm Stick  CD  USA  RS-CD-01  2 CD Set  Promo  Contains "Rapture~ '88 Teddy Riley Remix"Rhythm Stick

   Rock  CD  USA  70876-12143-3-1  EMI Records  EMI Promo Sampler  Contains "One Way Or Another"  14 tracks
   Rock & Roll's Greatest Hits: The 70's  CD  USA  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  9 tracks
  Rock & Roll's Greatest Hits Of All Time Vol. 5: Late 70's  CD  Canada  521-18427  2 CD Set  Platinum Disc Corporation  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Greatest R N R Hits Of All Time
  Rock Box 2: DJ Daddy Love  CD  England  Promo  Contains "Call Me"  16 tracksRock Box 2
  Rock Classics  3" CD  England  BUD-358  Telstar Records  Budweiser Promo  Contains "Call Me"  3 tracksRock Classics
  Rock Dreams Vol. 2  CD  USA  9600-91599-2  Contains "Dreaming"  (2000)  10 tracksRock Dreams
  Rock FYE Selects Vol. 1  CD  USA  70876-12171-2-4  EMI Records  Contains "One Way Or Another"  14 tracksRock FYE Selects
  Rock Hits Of The 80's  CD  USA  3 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"  36 tracksRock Hits Of The 80's

   The Rockin' 80's  CD  USA  Time Life  Contains "The Tide Is High"
  Rockin' Ladies Of The 80's  CD  USA  OPCD-1584/JCD-2720  JCI Records  Contains "French Kissin'"Rockin Ladies Of The 80s

   Rockin' Rippin' Favorites  CD  USA  525702S1S  Contains "Sunday Girl"
  Rockin' USA  CD  USA  2 CD Set  Starland Music  Contains "The Tide Is High"  36 tracksRockin USA
  Rock Masterpieces Vol. 2  CD  Greece  7243-8-23104-2-6  Promo  Contains "One Way Or Another"  15 tracksRock Masterpieces
  Rock 'N Reggae  CD  USA  314-52-373-2  Rebound Records  Contains "The Tide is High"Rock N Reggae
  Rock 'N Roll Relix (1976-1977)  CD  USA  A-26996-64895  Sony Music  Contains "X-Offender"Rock N Roll Relix 1976-1977
  Rock 'N Roll Relix (1978-1979)  CD  USA  A-26997-64896  Sony Music  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Rock N Roll Relix 1978-1979
  Rock 'N Roll's Greatest Hits Of All Time: 70's Vol. 1  CD  USA  9600-93437-2  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  10 tracks  (2005)Rock n Rolls Greatest Hits 70s Vol 1
  Rock'n USA: Rockin' Ladies Of The 80's  CD  USA  OPCD-1584/EXL-4232  Excelsior Records  Contains "French Kissin'"Rockin USA
  Rock Of America  CD  England  MODCD-1036  Trax Music  Contains "Call Me"  16 tracksRock Of America
  Rock Of The 80's  CD  USA  CDL-7994  Priority Records  Contains "Call Me"  10 tracksRock Of The 80s
  Rock Of The 80's Vol. 1  CD  USA  S21-17754  CEMA Special Markets  Contains "Rapture"Rock Of The 80s Vol 1
  Rock Of The 80's Vol. 4  CD  USA  S21-57432  CEMA Special Markets  Contains "The Tide Is High"Rock Of The 80s Vol 4
  Rock Of The 80's Vol. 5  CD  USA  S21-17716  CEMA Special Markets  Contains "Call Me"Rock Of The 80s Vol 5
  Rock On: 1979  CD  USA  ROK-2-1979  CEMA Special Markets  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Rock On 1979
  Rock On: 1980  CD  USA  ROK-2-1980  CEMA Special Markets  Contains "Call Me"Rock On 1980
  Rock On: 1981  CD  USA  ROK-2-1981  CEMA Special Markets  Contains "Rapture"Rock On 1981
  Rock Party 80's  CD  USA  46-017  Delta Records  Contains "One Way Or Another"  12 tracksRock Party 80s
  Rock Selects  CD  USA  Contains "One Way Or Another"  14 tracksRock Selects
  Rock Stars  CD  Holland  Disky Records  5 CD Set  Contains "Call Me"  75 tracksRock Stars
  Rock The First Vol. 4  CD  USA  SAN-5010  Sandstone Music  Contains "Rapture"Rock The First
  Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 1976  CD  England  VVR1040762  V2 Records  Contains "X-Offender"  22 tracksRough Trade Shops

Debbie Harry

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