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Debbie Harry

  Old School Jams #3  CD  England  7738-48701-32  2 CD Set  Contains "Rapture"Old School Jams
  Old School Rap Party  CD  USA  7206-57409-8-2  Contains "Rapture"  (2002)  14 tracksOld School Rap Party
  OMIGOD! The 80's Pop Culture Box  CD  USA  6122-78239-2-4  Rhino Records  7 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Call Me"  142 tracksOMIGOD
  On A Night Like This  CD  Australia  PH-004D  Phoenix / Universal Records  2 CD Set  Mardi Gras Gay Pride Issue  Contains "I Want That Man" (Almighty Definitive Mix)On A Night Like This
  On Est Les Champions  CD  France  4348526120  Disky Records  Contains "Atomic"  4 tracksOn Est Les Champions
  Only Dance (1975-1979)  CD  USA  OPCD-1684  Warner Brothers  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Only Dance 75-79
  Only Dance (1980-1984)  CD  USA  OPCD-1685  Warner Brothers  Contains "Rapture"Only Dance 80-84
  Only Rock 'n Roll (1980-1984)  CD  USA  051091312725  Rhino Records  Contains "Call Me"  20 tracksOnly Rock n Roll
  Only Rock 'n Roll: #1 Radio Hits (1980-1984)  CD  USA  051091317025  Rhino Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  20 tracksOnly Rock n Roll Radio Hits
  On The Road  CD  Holland  Disky Records  5 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Sunday Girl"  75 tracksOn The Road

   On The Road Again  CD  England  ULTCD-004  2 CD Set
  ONXRT Vol. 5  CD  USA  Promo  produced by Chicago radio station WXRT  Contains "Rip Her To Shreds"ONXRT
  The Original 70's Album  CD  England  647-1228  EMI Gold  Contains "Sunday Girl"  22 tracksOriginal 70s Album
  The Original 70's Number 1's Album  CD  England  EMI Gold  Contains "Heart Of Glass" & "Sunday Girl"  20 tracksOriginal 70s Number 1s Album
  The Original 80's Album  CD  England  473-9612  EMI Gold  Contains "Dreaming"  20 tracksOriginal 80s Album
  The Original 80's Number 1's Album  CD  England  364-7092  EMI Gold  Contains "Atomic"  18 tracksOriginal 80s Number 1s Album
  The Original 80's Summer Album  CD  England  985-4328  EMI Gold  Contains "The Tide Is High" & "French Kissin'"  20 tracksOriginal 80s Summer Album
  Out Of The Blue  CD  England  Fast Forward Music  Promo  Contains "Union City Blue"Out Of The Blue
  Paramount Pictures Presents The 90th Anniversary Memorable Songs  CD  Japan  SICP-290  Contains "Call Me"  21 tracksParamount Presents
  The Party CD  CD  USA  Laserlight Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  12 tracksParty CD
   The Party Box  CD  England  EMI Records  3 CD Boxed Set  Contains "Call Me"  60 tracksParty Box
  Party Central  CD  USA  72435-35945-2-7  The Right Stuff Records  Contains "Call Me"  17 tracks
  Party Central  CD  USA  D-1423516  BMG Club Issue  Contains "Call Me"  17 tracks
Party Central
  Party Hard 2000  CD  USA  RAD-90013  Radikal Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  19 tracksParty Hard 2000

  Party Pack  CD  Australia  EMI Records  5 CD Set  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  90 tracksParty Pack

   Pasion  CD  Japan  TOCP-64148  Contains "Atomic"  16 tracks
   Peak Hour Vol. 13  CD  USA  Contains "Command & Obey"  8 tracks
  The Perfect CD Collection  CD  West Germany  259.074  EVA Records  Contains "The Tide Is High"  15 tracksPerfect CD Collection

   The Perfect Marriage: Dance And Pride  CD  USA  Virgin Entertainment Corp.  Contains "Maria" (Soul Solution Full Remix)  10 tracks
  Pick 'N Mix:07 (7/19/98)  CD  England  CHANNEL-007  Promo  Contains "Atomic '98"Pick N Mix
  The Pick Of The Seventies  CD  England  Contains "Sunday Girl"  24 tracksPick Of The Seventies
  Planet Hollywood: Favorite Movie Tracks  CD  USA  72438-19801-2-5  EMI Records  Contains "One Way Or Another"  10 tracksPlanet Hollywood
  Platinum Hits Vol. 1  CD  USA  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  7 tracksPlatinum Hits Vol 1
  Plato Online  CD  Holland  SAMP.018  BMG Records  Promo Sampler  Contains "Screaming Skin"  comes in a cardboard jewel casePlato Online
  Pop @ Planet Earth  CD  England  Empire Records  2 CD Set  Contains "The Tide Is High" & "War Child"  30 tracksPop At Planet Earth

   Pop & Wave Vol. 8  CD  Germany  511432  Sony Music  2 CD Set  Contains "Atomic"
  Pop Hits Der 80'er  CD  Germany  CDF-671-173  4 CD Set  Contains "The Tide Is High"  56 tracksPop Hits Der 80er

   Popular Love Song Duets  CD  Italy  EMI Records  Contains "Well, Did You Evah!"  14 tracks
  Pride 2000  CD  Australia  2 CD Set  Contains "Atomic '98" (8:19)Pride 2000
  Pride Vol. 2  CD  USA  74321-66584-2  Logic Records  Contains "Maria" (Ether Dub)Pride Vol 2
  Promo Rock '99  CD  Brazil  VP-0379  BMG Music  Promo  Contains "Maria"Promo Rock 99
  Proximos Exitos Lanzamientos  CD  Spain  Chrysalis Records  4-Track Promo Sampler  Contains "Heart Of Glass"Proximos Exitos Lanzamientos

   Punk & Disorderly (New Wave 1976-1981)  CD  England  TCD-2520  Telstar Records  Contains "Rip Her To Shreds"
  Punk Generation  CD  Italy  CD-TUT-02  Promo CD from Italian magazine "TUTTO" #6 (June, 2002)  Contains "Denis"  6 tracksPunk Generation
  Punk You Vol. 1  CD  USA  E2-35737  EMI Records  Contains "Attack Of The Giant Ants"Punk You

   Punk You Vol. 1  CD  USA  D-105021  EMI Records  BMG Club Issue  Contains "Attack Of The Giant Ants"
  Pure Disco 3  CD  USA  565357  UTV Records  Contains "Heart Of Glass"  21 tracksPure Disco 3

Debbie Harry

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