Hard Up Heroes VII: East Coast Punks~ USA CD

Hard Up Heroes

TML-07~ Timeless Records


Track Listing

1.  Who's Been Sleeping Here by Tuff Darts
2. Phone Booth Man by Tuff Darts
3. Your Love Is Like Nuclear Waste by Tuff Darts
4. Head Over Heels by Tuff Darts
5. Slash by Tuff Darts
6. Fun City by Tuff Darts
7.  All For The Love Of Rock N Roll by Tuff Darts
8.  X-Offender by Blondie
9.  Little Girl Lies by Blondie
10.  Look Good In Blue by Blondie
11.  Man Overboard by Blondie
12.  In The Flesh by Blondie
13.  Touched...Presence Dear by Blondie
14.  Scenery by Blondie
15.  Rip Her To Shreds by Blondie
16.  Rockaway Beach (live) by The Ramones
17.  I Don't Want You (live) by The Ramones
18.  Don't Come Close (live) by The Ramones
19.  She's The One (live) by The Ramones
20.  I Wanna Be Sedated (live) by The Ramones
21.  I Just Want To Have Something To Do (live) by The Ramones
22.  Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (live) by The Ramones
23.  Needles And Pins (live) by The Ramones
24.  Boyfriend (live) by The Ramones
25.  The First One by Gary Valentine
26.  Tomorrow Belongs To You by Gary Valentine
27.  Red Lights by The Marbles
28.  Science Gone Too Far by The Dictators
29.  Heartache by The Dictators

  Tracks 8-12: Live at Beat Club, Germany (1978)
  Track 13: Live at San Francisco (12/77)
  Track 15: Live at Max's Kansas City (1977)


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