Watch You Headbanging~ USA LP
{Red Vinyl}

Watch You Headbanging



Track Listing

Side 1

1.  Warm Up (The Ramones)
2.  Go Home Ann (The Ramones)
3.  Too Tough To Die (The Ramones)
4.  Chasing The Night (The Ramones)
5.  Chop Suey (The Ramones)
6.  Punk Boy (The Ramones)
7.Standing In My Way (Joey Ramone & Deborah Hary on Vocals)
8.  Happy Birthday Mr. Burns (The Ramones)

Side 2

1.  Rockaway Beach (The Ramones)
2.  Secret Agent Man (Johnny Thunder)
3.  In Cold Blood (Johnny Thunder)
4.  Stepping Stone (Johnny Thunder)
5.  Hit The Road Jack (Johnny Thunder)
6.  What’s Going On (Johnny Thunder)
7.  Great Big Kiss (Johnny Thunder)


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