Blondie / Pat Benatar~
Back To Back Hits~ USA Cassette

Back To Back Hits

S41-18969~ Cema Special Markets
Made in USA


Track Listing

Side 1

1.  Call Me
2.  Heart Of Glass
3.  The Tide Is High
4.  Rapture

Side 2
1.  Heartbreaker
2.  Hit Me With Your Best Shot
3.  Love Is A Battlefield
4.  We Live For Love

  Tracks 1-4: Blondie
  Tracks 5-8: Pat Benatar


Artwork Images

End TabFlap on Back Cover
The CassetteClose-up of the Cassette

  * A special thanks to Josh Chamberlain from Arizona, for providing the scanned images of this Cassette *


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