Touched By Her Presence~ England 2 CD

Touched By Her Presence
DOP-154~ Dressed To Kill Records


Track Listing

1.  Maria by Pikes
2.  11:59 by Rooted To The Floor
3.  Atomic by Microdraft
4.  Call Me by Younger Son Of Sam
5.  Denis by Jesus Oyster
6.  Dreamin' by Dreaming
7.  Go Away by Dork
8.  Hanging On The Telephone by Notorious PIG
9.  Heart Of Glass by Abused
10.  I Know But I Don't Know by Remote (1)
11.  Touched...Presence Dear by Crap Bloke
12.  I'm Gonna Love You Too by Old Trainers
13.  Island Of Lost Souls by Rozzers
14.  One Way Or Another by Back O'Da Line
15.  Picture This by Ear Nose & Throat
16.  Rapture by Legions Of Homeless
17.  Sunday Girl by Triad Culture
18.  The Tide Is High by Up The Duff
19.  Union City Blue by Simmons, Jean

  * A special thanks to Al Hill from England, for providing the scanned image of this CD *


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