Hurricane Seasons 2004-2008


Orlando after Hurricane Charley
Downtown Orlando after Hurricane Charley~ August 14, 2004

     The 2004 Hurricane Season brought a record 4 hurricanes to the state of Florida, with a total of 9 landfalling tropical systems to the United States. The Hurricane Season of 2005 has broken nearly every meteorological record conceivable. Through December 2, there have been 26 named systems...a new record surpassing the 21 storms that formed in 1933. So far, there have been an incredible 8 landfalls in the United States. This site provides a photographic overview of these two historic Hurricane Seasons. Click on each storm's link to view a satellite history as well as media and personal photographs taken showing the destruction in the aftermath of the storms that made landfall.

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Hurricane Dennis 2005
Navarre FL, after Hurricane Dennis~ July 11, 2005