Hurricane Frances~ September 4-5, 2004: The Storm Strikes


The following are pictures taken of the worsening weather beginning on the afternoon of September 4 and continuing through the day on September 5.

My House
My house before Frances. We did not board up for Charley, but after that experience, we decided to cover the windows. Notice the very tall pine tree behind the house. That tree did not survive Frances.

Outer Bands
The outer bands pass over my house: 9/04/2004~ 3:19pm

First Squall
Torrential rain with the first squall: 9/4/2004~ 3:26pm

Ominous Sky
Dark and ominous sky: 9/04/2004~ 6:09pm

Very Dark Sky
Very Dark Sky: 9/04/2004~ 6:11pm

Second Rain Band
The second rain band hits my neighborhood: 9/04/2004~ 6:27pm

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