Ultimix 57~ 12" Vinyl Issue

Ultimix 57

Made in USA


Track Listing

Side 1

1.  Come And Get Your Love (by Real McCoy)

Side 2

1.  Take Your Time (Do It Right) (by Max-A-Million)

Side 3

1.  Scatman (by Scatman John)
2.  Feel The Vibe (by Afrika Bambaata)

Side 4

1.  Turn It Out (by Labelle)
2.  The Bomb! (by The Bucketheads)

Side 5

1.  More Human Than Human (by White Zombie)
2.  I Saw You Dancing (by Yaki-Da)

Side 6

1.  Supersonic (by J. J. Fad)
2.  Heart Of Glass (1995 Remix) (by Blondie)


Artwork Images

Front CoverFront Cover Artwork
The RecordClose-up of the Record

* A special thanks to Jeff Hamamoto of California for kindly providing the scanned image for this record *


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