Blondie~ Daily Star Sunday

Daily Star Sunday


     In 2007, the English newspaper, "The Daily Star Sunday" included a Blondie CD as a Promo-only giveaway with the October 7 issue. Simply titled "BLONDIE", this album contains the following 7 Blondie tracks that were recorded live in New York City on May 7, 2004: "One Way Or Another", "Hanging On The Telephone", "The Tide Is High", "Rapture", "Call Me", "Union City Blue" & "Heart Of Glass". Also included are 8 bonus tracks by Stewart Dugdale: "Wilderness", "Watching You", "The Rush", "The Enigma", "Revolution", "Logic", "Mind Control" & "Arcanum"

   Blondie~ Daily Star Sunday  CD  England  BLONUP01  Crooked Vinyl Records  Promo Give-away with October 7, 2007 issue of "The Daily Star Sunday" newspaper  Cardboard Slipcase

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