All The Children Are Drunk
{Alternate Issue}

All The Children Are Drunk

DEEPSIX-3~ Deep Six Records
Made in USA


Track Listing

1.  Kidnapper
2.  Playin' With Fire
3.  My Obsession
4.  Kung Fu Girls
5.  In The Sun
6.  Little Girl Lies
7.  Look Good In Blue / Man Overboard
8.  Detroit 442
9.  Youngblood (Intro) / X-Offender
10.  Rip Her To Shreds
11.  Song For The Iguana (Funtime)
12.  For Your Love (Heart Full Of Soul)
13.  Playin' With Fire
14.  Moonlight Drive
15.  Jet Boy
16.  Robert Fripp Introduction
17.  Calling Sister Midnight
18.  Heroes
19.  Bang A Gong (Get It On)
20.  Rip Her To Shreds
21.  All The Children Are Drunk (The Bilbao Song)

  Tracks 1-2: Old Waldorf, San Francisco (9/21/77)~ Soundcheck
  Tracks 3-11: Old Waldorf, San Francisco (9/21/77)~ Early Show
  Tracks 12-14: Old Waldorf, San Francisco (9/21/77)~ Late Show-Encore
  Track 15: My Father's Place, New York City (6/78)
  Tracks16-19: Palladium, New York City (11/78)
  Tracks 20-21: Max's Kansas City, New York City (1977)


Artwork Images

Back Cover ArtworkBack Cover Artwork
Inside of BookletInside of Booklet
All The Children Are DrunkClose-up of the Disk

  * Thanks to Christina Maruhn from Germany, for providing the scanned images of this CD *


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