The Chrysalis Story Part 1~
7" Boxed Set

Boxed Set

Made in Sweden


Track Listing

Record #1
Side 1~  Call Me
Side 2~  Call Me (Instrumental)

Record #2
Side 1~  Do You Believe In Love (by Huey Lewis)
Side 2~  It Hit Me Like A Hammer (by Huey Lewis)

Record #3
Side 1~  Every Time I Think Of You (by The Babys)
Side 2~  Isn't It Time (by The Babys)

Record #4
Side 1~  Everybody Lay Down (by Pat Benatar)
Side 2~  Promises In The Dark (Live) (by Pat Benatar)

Record #5
Side 1~  Hit Me With Your Best Shot (by Pat Benatar)
Side 2~  Heartbreaker (by Pat Benatar)

Record #6
Side 1~  I Want A New Drug (by Huey Lewis)
Side 2~  Couple Days Off (by Huey Lewis)

Record #7
Side 1~  Island Of Lost Souls
Side 2~  Dragonfly

Record #8
Side 1~  License To Thrill (by Billy Idol)
Side 2~  L.A. Woman (by Billy Idol)

Record #9
Side 1~  Love Cries (by Stage Dolls)
Side 2~  Ammunition (by Stage Dolls)

Record #10
Side 1~  Papa Was A Rollin' Stone (by Was Not Was)
Side 2~  Ballad Of You (by Was Not Was)

Record #11
Side 1~  Shadows Of The Night (by Pat Benatar)
Side 2~  The Victim (by Pat Benatar)

Record #12
Side 1~  Stuck With You (by Huey Lewis)
Side 2~  Doing It All For My Baby (by Huey Lewis)

Record #13
Side 1~  The Real Thing (by Jellybean)
Side 2~  Am I Dreaming (by Jellybean)

Record #14
Side 1~  True (by Spandau Ballet)
Side 2~  Gold (by Spandau Ballet)

Record #15
Side 1~  We Live For Love (by Pat Benatar)
Side 2~  Invincible (by Pat Benatar)


Artwork Images

Back Cover of BoxBack Cover of Boxed Set
Call Me"Call Me"
Island Of Lost Souls"Island Of Lost Souls"

  * A special thanks to Colin Wilcox from England, for providing the scanned images of this Bootleg Boxed Set *


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