Blondie 7/23/76
{Bootleg CD}

Blondie 7/23/76

Bitter Tunes Music
Made in USA


Track Listing

1.  Cabaret Song
2.  In The Sun
3.  Look Good In Blue
4.  Little Girl Lies
5.  In The Flesh
6.  Man Overboard
7.  Rifle Range
8.  Eva Braun
9.  Rip Her To Shreds
10.  A Shark In Jets Clothing
11.  Kung Fu Girls
12.  X-Offender
13.  Moonlight Drive
14.  Oh, I Love Her So
15.  I Love Playing With Fire
16.  You've Got A Hold Of My Heart
17.  Red Rooster

  Tracks 1-13: Live at Max's Kansas City, New York, NY (7/23/1976)
  Tracks 14-17: Live at CBGB's New York, NY (5/4/1977)


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