Music Star Collection: Blondie

Music Star Collection

F31079~ Fullhouse Records
Made in Russia


Track Listing

1. Maria
2. Heart Of Glass
3. X-Offender
4.  Island Of Lost Souls
5.  Screaming Skin
6.  English Boys
7.  Denis
8.  Call Me
9.  Fade Away And Radiate
10.  Ordinary Bummer
11.  I'm On E
12.  Poets Problem
13.  Puerto Rico
14.  Scenery
15.  I Want That Man
16.  Shayla
17.  Touched...Presence Dear
18.  Will Anything Happen
19.  The Tide Is High
20.  Union City Blue
21.  Atomic
22.  Sunday Girl
23.  Ring Of Fire (Live)


Artwork Images

Back Cover of BookletBack Cover of Booklet
Back Cover ArtworkBack Cover Artwork
Tray InlayTray Inlay Artwork
The CDClose-up of the CD


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