The Very Best Of Blondie~ Indonesia Cassette

Very Best Of Blondie~ Indonesia Cassette

K-1005~ King's Technology Records


Track Listing

Side 1

1.  Rush Rush
2.  Heart Of Glass
3.  The Tide Is High
4.  Sunday Girl
5.  Call Me
6.  Dreaming
7.  Rapture
8.  One Way Or Another
9.  Atomic
10.  Island Of Lost Souls
11.  For Your Eyes Only

Side 2

1.  Slow Motion
2.  Union City Blue
3.  English Boys
4.  Shayla
5.  Picture This
6.  I'm Gonna Love You Too
7.  Rip Her To Shreds
8.  Denis
9.  Warchild
10.  Live It Up (Extended)
11.  (Can I) Find The Right Words (To Say)
12.  Danceway
13.  In The Flesh


Artwork Images

Back Cover ArtworkBack Cover Artwork
The CassetteClose-up of the Cassette

  * A special thanks to Marc Talbot from England, for providing the scanned images of this cassette *


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