The Very Best Of Blondie~ Indonesia Cassette

Very Best Of Blondie~ Indonesia Cassette

B.33085~ Pan Audio


Track Listing

Side 1

1. Heart Of Glass
2. Island Of Lost Souls
3. Sunday Girl
4. Die Young Stay Pretty
5. War Child
6. Call Me
7. For Your Eyes Only
8.  The Hardest Part
9.  Dreaming
10.  One Way Or Another
11.  The Beast
12.  Victor

Side 2

1. Picture This
2. Atomic
3. In The Flesh
4. Union City Blue
5. Denis
6. Danceway
7. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
8.  Hanging On The Telephone
9.  Rip Her To Shreds
10.  I'm Gonna Love You Too
11.  English Boys
12.  The Tide Is High
13.  Rapture


Artwork Images

Back Cover ArtworkBack Cover Artwork
End FlapFlap on Back Cover
The CassetteClose-up of the Cassette

  * A special thanks to Gary Smith from Florida, for providing the scanned images of this cassette *


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