Def, Dumb & Blonde~ England Cassette
{Promo~ 1994 Re-Issue}

Def, Dumb & Blonde~ England Promo Cassette



Track Listing

Side 1

1.  I Want That Man
2.  Lovelight
3.  Kiss It Better
4.  Bike Boy
5.  Get Your Way
6.  Maybe For Sure
7.  I'll Never Fall In Love
8.  Calmarie

Side 2

1.  Sweet And Low
2.  He Is So
3.  Bugeye
4.  Comic Books
5.  Forced To Live
6.  Brite Side
7.  End Of The Run


Artwork Images

Back CoverBack Cover Artwork
End TabFlap On Back Cover

* A special thanks to Marc Talbot from England, for providing the scanned images of this Cassette *


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