The Curse Of Blondie~ Ukraine Cassette

The Curse Of Blondie~ Ukraine Cassette
511921-4~ Sony Music


Track Listing

Side 1

1.  Shakedown
2.  Good Boys
3.  Undone
4.  Golden Rod
5.  Rules For Living
6.  Background Melody
7.  Magic (Asadoya Yunta)

Side 2

1.  End To End
2.  Hello Joe
3.  The Tingler
4.  Last One In The World
5.  Diamond Bridge
6.  Desire Brings Me Back
7.  Songs Of Love


Artwork Images

Back CoverBack Cover Artwork
End TabFlap on Back Cover
End TabClose-up of portion of Back-Cover Flap showing "Ukraine" as the country of origin
The TapeClose-up of the Cassette

  * Thanks to Marc Talbot from England, for providing the scanned images of this extremely rare Cassette Tape *


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