The Curse Of Blondie~ Japan Cassette

The Curse Of Blondie~ Japan Promo Cassette


Track Listing

Side 1

1.  Shakedown
2.  Good Boys
3.  Undone
4.  Golden Rod
5.  Rules For Living
6.  Background Melody
7.  Magic (Asadoya Yunta)
8.  End To End
9.  Hello Joe

Side 2

1.  The Tingler
2.  Last One In The World
3.  Diamond Bridge
4.  Desire Brings Me Back
5.  Songs Of Love
6.  The Tide Is High (Live at Summersonic 2003)
7.  Rapture (Live at Summersonic 2003)


Artwork Images

End TabFlap on Back Cover
The CassetteClose-up of the Cassette


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