The Best Of Blondie Vol. 1~ Saudi Arabia Cassette
{Thomsun Original Records}

Saudi Arabia Cassette
EN-667~ Thomsun Original Records


Track Listing

Side 1

1.  X-Offender
2.  Little Girl Lies
3.  In The Flesh
4.  Look Good In Blue
5.  In The Sun
6.  A Shark In Jets Clothing
7.  Man Overboard
8.  Kung Fu Girls

Side 2

1.    Rip Her To Shreds
2.  Rifle Range
3.  The Attack Of The Giant Ants
4.  Dreaming
5.  The Hardest Part
6.  Union City Blue
7.  Accidents Never Happen

* Thanks to Colin Wilcox from England, for providing the detailed information and scanned image of this Cassette *


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